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Work faster and smarter when you put the industry’s most thoughtfully designed construction document management software to work for your business. InEight Document allows you to capture, review, manage and distribute every type of construction document from pre-planning to turnover, all in a centralized and secure, cloud-based repository.

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Eliminate the headaches and cost that come with rework by ensuring teams are accessing the latest documents.

  • Easily distribute and track project documents via configurable transmittals and packages. 
  • Manage and access project documents, emails and photos from a single source of truth, so that you operate more efficiently and with less risk for error.


Manage document workflows with a flexible, intuitive review and approval process.

  • Assign documents directly to responsible parties, then activate a custom or predefined workflow to automatically send the document to each successive team member.
  • Comment directly in the document register, delegate reviews and assign sub-reviewers as needed.


Easily gather feedback from the field with a project communication hub. Share documents through one central source and update them in real time and access them from anywhere.

  • Manage submittals from any location.
  • Integrate email for seamless work processes.
  • Notify your team as soon as a relevant submittal is approved so they can move forward with the project.

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Why InEight document?

Comprehensive Collaboration

Enhance communication among project stakeholders with features like real-time document sharing, commenting and approval workflows. You’ll ensure teams are  always working from the latest version of a document.

Customizable Workflows

Tailoring to the unique needs of each project, InEight Document empowers users with customizable workflows, allowing teams to adapt the software to their specific processes. This flexibility surpasses competitors that offer rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Built Just for You

InEight Document was engineered to manage the core fundamentals of document control. Adaptable for projects of every size and complexity, each aspect of the product makes your work secure, streamlined, and efficient.

Elevate your projects with seamless CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT

Mistake-Proof Version Control

InEight Document groups your files in the register so users are prompted to revise all formats of a file at the same time, with reminders if needed. Never worry that you’re working from rev 1 of your CAD file and rev 5 of a Word doc.

Configurable Workflows

Manage document workflows with an intuitive, configurable review and approval process. Use included digital forms to replace paper-based processes, and keep projects on track because you’re always working from the latest version of a document. RFIs, approvals, and submittals move faster.

Security That Meets Your Needs

Set tight security with close control over all activity, or open things up to suit your business or project requirements. Security settings cover all aspects of your project.

Clean Your Docs During Upload

Use our XL upload feature during bulk uploads to pre-clean your documents. The tool extracts metadata from files and validates against existing documents to maintain version control. Customers are uploading 25%–30% faster using this tool.

Seamless Integration with Email

No need to stop using email to communicate. Just use our integration with Microsoft Outlook so all project-related email is automatically captured in your project. Security and access settings from InEight Document apply to email too.

Create and Manage Punch Lists

Capture punch lists directly in InEight Document. You’ll eliminate duplicate data entry because punch lists are updated in real time. You can also view checklists on mobile and desktop devices to access them from anywhere.

FAQ: INeight Document

Who can benefit the most from using InEight Document?

InEight Document is the construction document management software of choice for document managers and controllers who need flexibility across projects and security they can configure and trust. Project managers, document controllers, construction administrators, contract managers, engineers and designers, quality assurance teams, project owners and stakeholders, plus legal and compliance teams all work with InEight Document.

What are some ways InEight Document stands out from other options?

Our document management software distinguishes itself through its user-friendly interface, modularity and the ability for real-time collaboration. With its customizable workflows, InEight Document empowers users to tailor processes to suit the requirements of each project, from simple to ultra complex. 

Through the design and construction process, I’m sure my documents are going to change, but I may need to reference older versions.

InEight Document is built on solid principles of document control for construction.  Along with a complete document history, including different file types, you can control and maintain all versions and revisions of your documents.  During upload, InEight Document prompts you to create a new revision of existing documents (while filling in existing metadata).  Compare document versions in the viewer to see changes over time.

Do I need separate tools to collect information on my project (not related to document review)?

InEight Document has many options to work with project information not contained in a document.  The Forms module is a very powerful tool that can collect and share information across the stakeholders and companies on your project.  Build your own forms and workflows to collect key information and track project decisions with the transparency and auditability you expect from InEight Document.

My project is going to be fairly large. Can InEight Document handle it?

Our cloud-based platform grows with your needs.  We have projects across the globe with thousands of users and millions of documents.  You can be confident that your data and processes will be ready and waiting, regardless of how large and complex the project is.

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