Scalable Workflows

Adaptable Approaches to Suit Your Business

“Standardized” doesn’t have to mean standard. InEight Document empowers teams to configure internal processes based on the needs of each project. Our built-in tools make it easy to standardize your processes based on project type or delivery model. Stay efficient, stay compliant, and stay in the know.

Custom Best Practices

Adapt and adjust for any project, then re-use next time or evolve as you go

Easy to Adapt

Accommodate absences and set up processes to any level of granularity to get the flexibility you need.

Replicate Workflows

Build and automate your own workflows, and re-use them across your business—with or without adjustments.

Standardize Delivery

Stop relying on competing approaches from different teams and unite your business under a consistent process.

Flexible Project Information Management Helps You Scale

Completely configurable templates and forms

Start from our best-practice templates, then adjust them to better represent your organization’s needs. Or build from scratch if you prefer.

Standardize team collaboration and delivery

Promote process consistency, team cohesion, and workflow reliability with a unified approach.

Customizable metadata and tagging options

Make documents easier for any type of user to find. Tag, label, and organize project artifacts based on the specific requirements of the job. Account for the work habits and information needs of every user with our flexible data schema.

Role-based or person-specific access controls

Tightly control your information management to support data security at all times. Set access, distribution, and communication permissions by company, user type, or individual.

Document Control That Fits Any Project

“We could not have achieved this complex digital commissioning as efficiently as we did without InEight Document.”

Marjorie Gore
Heidelberg Materials

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“With InEight Document, we’re able to get the right information, in approved documents, served up to the end users at the right time.”

Henry Okraglik

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“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple: decide on the outcome you want and set up your processes and technology to deliver it.”


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