Auditable Records

Ensure Accountability

Your most complex projects result in tens of thousands of records subject to review from dozens of stakeholders. InEight Document’s strict auditability standards ensure transparency and protect all parties from the delays and difficulty of disputes.

Complete Transparency

Full version history and action tracking to the user level mean you’ll never wonder.

Undeletable Records

While project information can always be added and revised, records can never be removed from InEight Document.

Transparent Actions

On-going version control tracks every change and revision to a project document down to the user and action.

Team Protection

Our log of user access and actions meets even the most demanding oversight requirements and provides an exact record history in the case of an audit.

Record Every Detail for Indisputable Accuracy

Completely comprehensive audit trails

Revisit previous versions of key documents in seconds. See the complete version, approval, and view history.

No secrets with user activity logs and access tracking

Promote accountability with clear user activity logs showing every action.

Consolidated electronic signatures and digital certificates

Consolidate every approval and certification in one place.

Total compliance with industry regulations and standards

InEight Document is compliant with all major data regulation standards, including GDPR and CCPA.

Locally compliant, secure document storage and encryption

All data is stored according to local data governance policies and features industry-standard encryption protections.

Document Control That Fits Any Project

“We could not have achieved this complex digital commissioning as efficiently as we did without InEight Document.”

Marjorie Gore
Heidelberg Materials

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“With InEight Document, we’re able to get the right information, in approved documents, served up to the end users at the right time.”

Henry Okraglik

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“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple: decide on the outcome you want and set up your processes and technology to deliver it.”


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