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Create better plans faster with innovative and user-friendly construction scheduling software. InEight Schedule uses augmented intelligence that makes it easier to develop more accurate plans. Get ready for more successful and efficient project deliveries as you optimize schedules, collaborate with ease, and get ahead of potential risk.

Schedule Consultation

Build More Accurate plans WITH tools to get teams involved

Improve the scheduling process by inviting structured input from other functions. Your schedules gain accuracy and you improve trust and buy-in.

  • Easily invite team members to offer feedback and rate their confidence in schedule accuracy through an easy-to-use framework.
  • Improved communication reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings that can affect plan accuracy.
  • A built-in AI tool highlights variance in confidence levels so you know where to probe for more insight.

transform YOUR cpm schedule into A Versatile communication tool

InEight Schedule meets industry standards for CPM, but that’s just the beginning.

  • Effortlessly adhere to recognized project management practices and principles.
  • With real-time data updates, ensure team members always have a current CPM analysis and risk assessment.
  • Generate short-interval or lookahead planning directly from your master schedule. Conflicts are immediately apparent, and resolution is mandatory.

Get started faster with project templates and historical baselines

Jump-start your scheduling process with pre-populated templates, or duplicate and edit a previous project.

  • Save time and effort by using an existing project schedule as a starting point, then modify as needed.
  • Automatically use your historical as-built data to guide scheduling.

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why InEight Schedule?

Easy to Learn

Intuitive interfaces and cleanly designed processes make for a fast learning curve. InEight Schedule is a CPM compliant tool your whole team can use.

Real-Time Collaboration

Project stakeholders access a centralized platform to easily communicate and share updates, which helps reduce risk. Collaborative and intuitive plan rating helps ensure buy-in.

Risk Analysis

Built-in tools account for risks in real time and analyze their impact using project history and feedback from your team. Run unlimited what-if scenarios and set your risk tolerance to your needs.

Improve Project Performance With the Most Innovative Scheduling Software

Collaborative Team-Based Planning

Execute digital interactive plans with virtual teamwork, then easily coordinate field crews in alignment with the schedule.

Risk-Adjusted Forecasting

Drive confidence in your projects by accounting for and mitigating risk. Visualize your exposure, analyze root causes and improve project certainty.

Fast Top-Down Planning

Develop top-down plans faster because they’re accelerated by AI and validated by your team.

Easily Import and Export Data

Bulk import and export project items and their metadata quickly easily using the integration with Microsoft Excel.

ineight Schedule FAQ

Who can benefit the most from using InEight Schedule?

Project managers, construction managers, engineers, and stakeholders involved in large-scale projects can benefit from InEight Schedule’s specialized tools for project scheduling, risk management, and collaboration. In addition, estimators can use the software to develop accurate project schedules and estimates, which are essential for winning bids and managing project budgets. InEight Schedule is ideal for smaller or repeatable jobs that can’t be staffed with a scheduler, since project managers or other leaders can easily learn and use it.

What are some ways InEight Schedule stands out from other construction scheduling software?

InEight Schedule stands out with its construction and engineering focus, offering advanced, user-friendly tools for project scheduling, risk management and real-time collaboration. It’s tailored to industry needs, aligns with best practices, is built by schedulers, and fosters efficient, transparent project management, setting apart in the market.

Why would I consider switching to InEight Schedule from our current construction scheduling software?

You’ll find our software is easier to learn than Oracle Primavera P6, and can incorporate views and perspectives from multiple teams and functions. You can also use your schedule as a tool for communicating with field teams, as intended. In addition, InEight Schedule makes it easier to import and export data. If you’re not ready to move away from P6 entirely, you can easily use InEight Schedule alongside it.

InEight Schedule adheres to accepted CPM practices and principles and it’s one of the few scheduling tools on the market that’s suitable for large enterprise construction and capital projects. 

How long does it take to implement and derive value from InEight Schedule?

InEight Schedule can be stood up quickly and deployed with ease. No intense integration setup is required, nor is it reliant on other software. 

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