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InEight U offers a wide selection of construction management courses online. This is self-service training designed to fit into your busy schedule. With our training videos and simulations, you see the tools in action. Training from InEight U will you get up to speed faster so you spend less time reading complicated instructions and more time putting InEight software to use on your projects.

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InEight U Overview

InEight U is hands-on training so you will learn by doing! With knowledge checks, you’ll be able to track your training progress and see the areas where you’re proficient and where you need extra focus. And as long as you have an internet connection, you can get trained whenever and wherever you want.

Once you complete InEight U training courses, you’ll own a verified certification that will help you advance your career. With InEight U, you can build your own future by learning new skills!

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InEight U offers a variety of self-service construction management courses and learning methods to help you get up to speed faster on InEight project management software. These methods include:

Training Videos

  • View brief videos that focus on what you need to know
  • See quickly and easily how InEight software works and watch it in action


  • Enjoy hands-on training, learn by doing
  • Watch easy and intuitive explanations of how you can apply InEight software to your day-to-day tasks
  • Take virtual “walk-throughs” inside the tool

Practice in Your Own Environment

  • Apply what you’ve learned to your own project
  • See the true benefits of the tool

Key Concepts and Processes

  • Review visuals and workflows to learn your role inside the software
  • Get context on which functions will be best for you

Knowledge Checks

  • Leverage quick check-ins to confirm what you’ve learned
  • Track your progress and immediately see your strengths and where you might need extra focus

construction management courses online