Capital & Contract Management

Manage contract workflows from start to finish, from contractor/supplier selection through contract closeout including the related buyouts, pay requests and change orders. With our capital and contract management solutions, you can facilitate contracts and changes throughout the project, resulting in a 20% reduction in turnaround time.

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Connected Analytics

Make real-time decisions as you gain visibility into metrics, KPIs and trends, driving continuity in operations.

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Document Management

Our document management solution helps you streamline the capture, review, management and distribution of project documents. Because all your project documentation is stored in a centralized repository, you can reduce processing time by 30%.

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Estimating & Project Cost Management

Our project cost management solutions help you create more accurate and timely project estimates, increase your forecasting accuracy, and improve the anticipated project ROI.

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Field Execution Management

Manage work packages and daily crew plans to deliver and capture predictable results in the field, reducing project costs 10%.

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Integrated Project Controls Platform

Only InEight provides a complete portfolio of capital project management software that supports enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Safety, Quality & Commissioning

Capture and analyze safety, compliance and quality data directly from the field, reducing rework by 10%.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Use an aggregated 3D model as a common data environment, increasing clash resolution efficiency by more than 200%

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InEight Design

Finally — a project controls solution for design work that drives collaboration and confidence across all project stakeholders.



Plan out design work and assign resources to ensure successful delivery of the entire design scope.


Easily track progress of design scopes using rules of credit to confidently communicate status and delivery expectations.


Track construction quantities at 30-60-90-IFC design milestones, with full commentary and traceability as the design evolves.


Automatically update budgets and forecasts, earned values, and earned revenues based on the latest design progress.

*When used in conjunction with other InEight solutions


Easily keep work plans in sync with the latest design quantities

*When used in conjunction with other InEight solutions


Design Teams

Our solution brings project controls to your design projects. Now you’ll know exactly where you stand at any given time and when the design deliverable will be complete.

  • Manage design scopes and assign resources
  • Track design progress using “rules of credit” to ensure predictable completion
  • Standardize and systematically track design project budgets, forecasts, earned values, and earned revenues*
  • Confidently convey delivery to project stakeholders

*when used in conjunction with other InEight  solutions


Construction Teams

InEight gives you real-time visibility into evolving  construction quantities as design progresses.

  • Gain real-time visibility into evolving design quantities and delivery dates
  • Manage design quantity changes — and their impact — to drive accountability as designs move through 30-60-90-IFC
  • Seamlessly coordinate design and construction activities such as budgets, forecasts and work plans with an early warning system for design quantity growth
  • Gain the visibility you need earlier, resulting in greater construction budget and schedule certainty

Common Challenges

For Design Teams

For Construction Teams

New project delivery methods demand more visibility into design progress, which applies more scrutiny and pressure to your deliverables.

Our solution brings proven project controls methodology to your design projects, helping you ensure predictable completion of design work.

You need to track work on a milestone basis, adjust plans and resources accordingly, and accurately share delivery dates with the other project stakeholders.

Systematically track project progress and resource allocation, while also standardizing how you budget, forecast and schedule on a project or program. You’ll avoid unforeseen impacts to budget and scope.

It’s common while working on alternative delivery projects for designers and construction teams to work concurrently and in silos. This creates misalignment, which can quickly result in budget overruns and schedule delays.

InEight Design gives you real-time visibility into evolving construction quantities as design progresses. You’ll have an early warning system for possible material and labor issues, allowing you to better manage budgets, forecasts, schedules and procurement.

Construction planning budgets and activities are at risk of not being current due to evolving construction quantities and deliverable schedule changes.

Get the visibility you need earlier, resulting in greater construction budget and schedule certainty. Only InEight has a comprehensive solution to align design and construction teams through design completion.

Global demand for construction continues to rise, and contracting models that require iterative design and construction are becoming the norm for large, complex projects. Managing and controlling the design scope on these projects is critical to overall success.

Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight

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