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Close the gap between field and office with construction contract management software exactly suited to your needs. Efficiently and securely manage your project from procurement to closeout. InEight Contract centralizes all contracts and related data and integrates with your ERP, so you stay on top of contract deliverables, changes, and payments

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InEight Contract gives you one secure location, built just for the project team, to manage all your contract information and its related data logically and intuitively.

  • Add information such as contract line items, schedule of values, change order logs, back charges, payment forms and progress, supporting documents and more.
  • Contract managers get the clearest view of critical information across all contracts, including invoices, vendor change status, accruals and receipts and action items.


Thanks to real-time reporting on procurement activities, project managers can optimize work schedules and avoid scheduling and budget delays.

  • Integrate contract line items and purchase orders with your ERP software, tying field activity directly to back-office information.
  • Quickly generate project contracts with intelligent, auto-filling contract templates.


Process change orders against the contract and maintain a living history for each change; provide a full picture to project owners when accounting for adjustments to budget, schedule, or scope of work.

  • Manage vendor changes, backcharges and buyout.
  • Include vendor committed costs in your forecasts.
  • Manage procurement activities directly from a single platform.

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Why InEight Contract?

Gain Greater Control

Enjoy total visibility in every stage of the contract process and use the same system to track contracts from the field and the office.

ERP Integration

Integrate InEight Contract with your ERP system to submit and receive payments, communicate more effectively, and automate document workflows.

Simple Contract Creation

Improve your process with intelligent, auto-filling contracts. Don’t work from scratch, but work from past templates.

Optimize How You Manage the Contract Life Cycle

ERP Integration for Back-Office Efficiency

Connect directly to your accounting or ERP system for unprecedented contract accuracy. Say goodbye to siloed information.

Standardized Templates for Speed

Contract managers can start with bid buyout (from procurement planning to supplier/contractor selection) and quickly create pre-filled contracts.

Automated Approval Workflows

Use individuals or roles to set your workflows for contracts, changes, and payments; define by dollar-value thresholds. Notifications keep things moving.

Auto-Filling Contract Templates

Generate project contracts quickly and accurately with intelligent auto-filling contract templates.

FAQ: INeight Contract

Why should we consider switching to InEight Contract from our current contract management solution?

InEight Contract is designed especially with the needs of construction contract managers in mind. It centralizes every type of contract – plus related data – in a secure, cloud-based location so you always have exactly what you need for fast, efficient work. InEight Contract stands out from other options for its ability to streamline your workflows. It simplifies your supplier selection, buyout, and contract creation. Additionally, it allows for highly detailed contract information such as budget, payments, accruals, scope, supplier selection, issues and change orders. And it accommodates all the processes around subcontractor management, including material contracts, validations, progressing and change orders.

What integrations are possible with InEight Contract?

Easily integrate InEight Contract with your ERP, so that project-level contract management activity can easily stay in sync with corporate systems, from purchase order creation to payment status. All stakeholders involved in the process, either in the field or the back office, can collaborate in one platform and trust that the financial systems remain in sync. You can also push commitment amounts from contracts to project forecasts and push subcontract scope and line items to work planning and field teams to coordinate the work and provide progress updates.

What improvements to our contract management process could we expect?

Our customers operate more efficiently with InEight Contract in place, creating contracts in half the time and significantly speeding workflows for contracts, change orders, and pay requests. Expect to have a much more accurate and up to date view of contract progress, and to be able to easily share context-rich updates with owners as changes to budget, scope, or schedule happen.

How does InEight Contract handle approvals, workflow, and security?

With InEight, you can define approval workflows for contracts, changes and payments based on dollar value thresholds. Individual people can be assigned to participate in the workflows, or use roles if you prefer to notify whoever is assigned to that role on the project. In either case, everyone participating in the approval workflow gets notified when it’s time for them to jump in, and with one click they can see the information they need to approve. Security is improved compared to other solutions thanks to cloud-based storage.

We track a high level of detail in our contracts. How does InEight Contract accommodate our needs?

Each contract can include contract line items, schedule of values, change order logs, back charges, payment forms and progress, supporting documents and more. But you can provide roll-up insights as well; contract managers get a clear view of critical information across all contracts, including invoices, vendor change status, accruals, and receipts as well as action items.

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