InEight Change

Consistently manage change and get a
continuous view into overall project progress.

Effectively and confidently mitigate risks associated with project changes

Experience consistency in the contract change Management process

Know where issues exist and how they are being managed.

Gain visibility into the status of your issues

Access status, pricing, responsible party, schedule, work areas and more.

Consistently track issues and manage change

View the status of any individual issue to facilitate communication and change processes.

Integrate project changes into budgets and forecasts

Full access to contract data to mitigate changes.


InEight construction contract management software provides every stakeholder with a continuous view into overall project progress, facilitating communication in time to avoid or accommodate change orders.

  • Manage the entire change life cycle, from issue identification through change order approval
  • Provide every stakeholder with a continuous view into overall project progress
  • Analyze the impact and progress of every issue ensuring it’s being managed to completion
  • Get full access to data helps avoid putting contracts and subcontracts at risk

Common Challenges

For Owners

For Contractors

Visibility into change orders is very limited

Track and manage project issues before they turn into project surprises, cost overruns and schedule delays.

Changes are not addressed with a consistent and sustained approach

Manage change consistently across your entire portfolio and proactively mitigate risks before they turn into disputes.

Impact of potential change orders is unknown until it is too late

Use on-demand reporting to surface key information and gain instant visibility into the status and progress of project issues.

Visibility into contract change orders is very limited

Track and manage project issues before they turn into project surprises, unfunded changes and schedule delays.

Stakeholders are unaware of project issue details

Create more defensible change orders with relevant information about an issue, such as photos, quotes and emails.

Status, history, and assignment of project issues is not available

Complete visibility of project issues and change history means less time away from the work for your field teams.

Issues and potential changes are lost or not reported

Log issues from the jobsite or the project office and easily assign the appropriate contributors.

Great customer service as usual. Out of our technology providers
InEight has the absolute best customer service.

Brady Hanson - President, Dayton Lease & Pipeline Services

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