InEight Compliance

Compliance software that digitizes paper processes with a state-of-the-art form builder and mobile application to streamline EHS and other field data capture workflows.

A comprehensive mobile solution to support your compliance programs.


Enable field data collection through simple to manage forms, complete with extensive permissions, question types and workflow logic.

A common digital approach for all compliance programs

Create and execute forms for standard modules like, safety compliance, quality and environmental compliance, or create your own.

Mobile form completion

Capture and submit form data where and when events happen for accurate, real-time information.


Collect incident information in real time via standardized forms for data consistency.  Add more context to observations with notes, photos and GPS location.

Automate and standardize compliance processes

Track statuses and activities as they happen with automated reminders to ensure all tasks and forms are completed to keep processes moving.


Efficiently capture and report on completed digital forms for safety, quality, environmental and other compliance programs, standardizing robust business processes.

  • Quickly and easily adapt to changing business process needs and project requirements at every stage of the work with a comprehensive form builder
  • Fuel better business decisions and continuous improvement through more accurate data collection and real-time reporting
  • Ensure data is collected where and when events are happening with flexible form completion on mobile or PC, online or offline

Common Challenges

For Contractors

For Owners

Inconsistencies in compliance related data

Customizable digital forms give you the power to create universal templates. The combination of question types, form logic and form permissions ensure the right person is providing the right information at the right time in a repeatable process.

Delayed submission of paper forms

Real-time digital form submission eliminates lost or delayed data and gives you the most current information to power business decisions and continuous improvement.

Prolonged downtime due to incident investigation

Ensure the correct data is collected immediately and accurately to trigger next steps and eliminate delays in investigations.

Misalignment in compliance related requirements

Standard digital forms enable easy, repeatable processes which can be customized to meet your business process needs. The data collected is easily compiled and aggregated for reporting with minimal effort required.

Difficulty mitigating safety risks on today's jobsite

Safety forms not only provide customizable data collection based on your project requirements, but allow you to stay in sync with the job management and take faster action to minimize any impacts.

Misalignment in contractual and regulatory compliance requirements

Customizable forms deliver real-time feedback from the field to you. Historical job data can be analyzed for compliance and trends.

Delayed evaluation and response times with paper forms

Standardized digital forms and workflows across the job ensure necessary data is collected and made available from the start.

InEight’s construction background enables them to understand our needs and offer us a construction solution rather than just a software solution.

Tom Baskind - Technology Manager, Graycor

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