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Get a more accurate picture of your project’s health based on actuals received from the field and/or your financial system. Create a construction budget directly from your estimates and accurately forecast remaining work based on a variety of real-world methods.

Gain visibility into real-time construction budget and forecast scenarios for complete control of your project

Construction Budgeting

Maintain multiple versions of your construction budget based on trends and change status. Automatically update budgets based on approved changes.


Create and compare forecasts for remaining work based on real-world forecasting techniques.

Earned Value Management

Identify trends requiring corrective measures within a single project, across groups of projects, or across all of your organization’s projects.

Workflow and Routing

Collaborate with project team members by acting on notifications and reviewing detailed audit logs. Track all changes made, who made them and when they were made.



Rely on InEight Control to identify areas for immediate corrective action to stay on time and on budget with complete control of your project performance.

  • Gain a 360-degree view into the financial health of a project’s budget
  • Manage costs, man-hours and productivity data in real time
  • Remove guesswork and understand your project’s true percent complete

Common Challenges

For Owners

For Contractors

Immediate insight into your project progress

Automate the tracking of Earned Value Management based on actuals, providing a live percent complete status of your projects.

Stay ahead of project delays

Access real-time construction budget and performance data to stay ahead of project delays and mitigate cost overruns.

Compare actual costs and man-hours

Compare actual costs and man-hours incurred, instantly identifying project areas at risk.

Live forecasting for quicker adjustments

Identify trends using live forecasts to make critical adjustments earlier in project execution.

Compare actual costs and man-hours

Compare actual costs and man-hours incurred as the work happens in the field.

Make quicker adjustments

Identify trends that require course correction earlier in the project execution phase.

Daily quantity reporting

Automatically see percent complete and updated forecasts based on daily quantity reporting.

See progress in real-time

Get real-time visibility of progress and productivity in the field to facilitate more timely billing.

Get more from your historical data

Use historical data to learn from past results and update benchmarks for future estimates.

The benefit of having data from multiple systems in one data library is huge!

Nathan Kitzman - Senior Project Controls Estimator, ComEd


How can my history help me with construction budgeting?

Construction budgeting software with historical benchmarking features allows users to review history to determine the most likely cost of performing the same type of work in the future. Certain variables such as project type, quantities, client, etc., are all considered when performing historical benchmarking. Effective benchmarking allows for rapid retrieval and analysis of similar past costs and productivity measures.

What are some industry best practices for construction budget management?

Project changes are inevitable and can end up with owners and/or contractors experiencing unplanned expenditures. Construction budget management software clearly identifies out-of-scope items, and allows for an approval process to occur, which incorporates these changes into the project’s working or current budget. Current budget values can be easily compared with original budget values to pinpoint those areas where changes occur.

Recommended Products

Browse our products and choose which software fits your needs today, then easily add on offerings as your needs change.

InEight Estimate

Modernize your bidding work with InEight Estimate, a powerful, flexible construction estimating software. At every stage — from conceptual planning to bid proposal — use intuitive interfaces, built-in benchmarking, adaptable visualization, and rock-solid auditing capabilities to build accurate, appropriately detailed estimates. Gain the certainty you need to win business and deliver profitably.

InEight Schedule

Create better plans faster with innovative and user-friendly construction scheduling software. InEight Schedule uses augmented intelligence that makes it easier to develop more accurate plans. Get ready for more successful and efficient project deliveries as you optimize schedules, collaborate with ease, and get ahead of potential risk.

InEight Document

Great construction document control software optimizes project performance. Learn how InEight Document cuts rework and streamlines workflows.

InEight Report

Quickly consume project information, identify issues and make better-informed decisions.

InEight Plan

Streamlining the way you plan, schedule and execute work packages to deliver more predictable project outcomes, on time and on budget.

InEight Progress

Revolutionize the way you execute work in the field by integrating project planning with real-time productivity analysis to amplify time on tools.

InEight Change

Consistently manage change and get a continuous view into overall project progress.

InEight Contract

Say goodbye to inefficient construction contract management. Learn how InEight Contract centralizes and speeds your work throughout the project lifecycle.

InEight Model

Manage your construction information from a common data environment and connect models to data.

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  • Structured services delivery program
  • Global product support
  • Education and training

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