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Modernize your bidding work with InEight Estimate, a powerful, flexible construction estimating software. At every stage — from conceptual planning to bid proposal — use intuitive interfaces, built-in benchmarking, adaptable visualization, and rock-solid auditing capabilities to build accurate, appropriately detailed estimates. Gain the certainty you need to win business and deliver profitably.

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Win More Bids with Estimates that Match the Way You Build

InEight Estimate increases your success rate in winning construction contracts by creating more accurate and competitive bids.

  • Create stronger bids based on historical data and industry benchmarks.
  • Present realistic project timelines that demonstrate your ability to complete the project efficiently. Estimate project schedules along with costs.

Work Faster Without Sacrificing the Accuracy of Your Estimates

InEight construction estimating software saves you time by streamlining the estimating process so you can quickly generate accurate cost estimates for any size project.

  • Use benchmarking to confirm current bid assumptions.
  • Easily create alternate or “what-if” scenarios and share details with stakeholders to compare approaches to the work.
  • Automatically create and manage RFQs to send to your subcontractors and vendors for pricing
  • Use any combination of prebuilt templates and libraries to quickly creates estimates.

Gain a Clearer View of Estimates Tied to Schedules

Use time-phased estimating to get a detailed cost forecast over the course of a project’s duration.

  • Easily model and visualize expenses, allocate resources and plan for funding requirements at various stages of the project.
  • Integrate with other schedule systems such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project to get a clearer picture of project cost and timing.

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Top-Down, Bottom-up

InEight Estimate allows for parameter-based estimates when few engineering details exist. Add information as it becomes available for detailed, bottom-up estimates.

Link Cost and Time

Create time-phased budgets, cash flow graphs and resource histograms to know the cost of the work and the required resources, along with when costs/revenue will occur.

Benchmark Easily

Every estimate automatically feeds your knowledge library, so you can validate estimates against past projects and analyze high, low and average unit costs and productivity.

Be Certain the Job Can Be Built for the Estimated Cost

Enhanced Cost Estimating

Use parametric cost item assemblies for more reliable estimates and create user-specific views with unlimited work breakdown structures.

Quote Management

Ensure alignment across bid packages by publishing RFQs to contractors, subs and suppliers.

Predefined Templates and Libraries

Create estimates quickly using any combination of standardized templates. Draw from libraries of current resource rates. Copy and paste any element of an existing project.

Bid Closeout and Tendering

Make sense of the last-minute chaos associated with changing subcontractor and vendor pricing, and manage the complexities that make up a competitive bid process.

FAQ: INeight Estimate

We waste time prepping information for various stakeholders. How can InEight Estimate help?

With InEight Estimate, the same estimate can serve multiple stakeholders; simply summarize your InEight Estimate data in numerous ways. For instance, allow for the budget file to be sent to an ERP system, submit a proposal in an owner’s bid form, and produce an execution schedule and multiple WBS structures from a single estimate file.

Can InEight Estimate help us use benchmarking and historical data in our estimates?

Every estimate any team member creates in InEight Estimate becomes part of an every-growing knowledge library that provides a reference point for quickly validating future estimate. You can even add as-built data from completed projects when you connect to other InEight software. Use benchmarks for new estimates by simply specifying which historical projects to include. InEight Estimate then continually checks every line item in the estimate against the historical benchmarks. You’ll see high-low average graphs, and get color coding per line based on plus-minus ranges.

How does InEight Estimate help connect our top-down and bottom-up estimating approaches?

Transition seamlessly from top-down estimates created from rough parameters or conceptual plans to fully built out estimates. InEight Estimate gives you the tools to create high-level estimates in seconds; estimators or planners can input basic project parameters (such as square footage of a building or the megawatt capacity of a power plant) and instantly get an order of magnitude estimate with default assumptions. As scope and design details emerge, you can update the assumptions and provide additional inputs to evolve the conceptual estimate into a detailed estimate.

How can InEight Estimate help us more easily incorporate the needed level of detail into our estimates?

When you need a high degree of accuracy, use the unlimited breakdown structures in InEight Estimate. Detail out each line with crews, productivity rates, shift arrangements for overtime pay, resources such as materials and equipment, work hour factors, quotes from subs and vendors, and even varying fuel consumption rates and prices. InEight Estimate lets you create true cost models, not just cost estimates for easy adjustments to current assumptions.

What if we can’t give up some of our Excel-driven processes?

If your estimators rely on extensive estimating spreadsheets with customized calculations and they’re not willing to give them up, you can use dynamic linking. That way, users can use their Excel spreadsheets, but still get the benefits of a database system. You can import data from Excel into an estimate in the aggregate, or link individual values in the InEight estimate to specific Excel cells, for updates in a single click.

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