Flexible Automation

Keep Flows and Information on Track

Project certainty relies on timely approvals. With the flexible automation capabilities of InEight Document, teams can adapt workflows to deliver accurate, approved information — fast. Account for multiple approvers, escalation paths, two-way exchanges, and more.

Built For Your Needs

Unrivaled workflow configuration and automation built to withstand your toughest projects.

Faster Approvals

Automated workflows keep approvals top of mind with scheduled alerts and reminders.

Efficient Processes

Tailor built-in workflows to the needs of your business, then scale those processes for a more uniform experience.

Variable Workflows

Offer multiple or alternate reviews, with any number of steps, including multi-directional flows.

Craft Your Workflow with Flexible Automation

Automated multi- or single-approver review, approval, and RFI processes

Keep approvals moving with standardized processes and forms, and workflow automation that adapts to the complexity of your project

Customizable document routing and escalation

Adapt out-of-the-box processes to better meet your team’s needs. Build escalation processes into the system to avoid time-consuming research about alternative approvers.

Cross between teams with ease

Set your workflows to connect different teams in any order, with any level or breadth of participation.

Integrate with the email tool you already use

Connect InEight Document with Microsoft Outlook for seamless information flow, using the tool your team already depends on.

Document Control That Fits Any Project

“We could not have achieved this complex digital commissioning as efficiently as we did without InEight Document.”

Marjorie Gore
Heidelberg Materials

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“With InEight Document, we’re able to get the right information, in approved documents, served up to the end users at the right time.”

Henry Okraglik

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“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple: decide on the outcome you want and set up your processes and technology to deliver it.”


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