Document Register

Ensure Access to Accurate Information

Scalable, sharable, and secure, the innovative document register inside InEight Document offers teams a common library of project information. It’s a comprehensive, flexible resource that keeps data organized, communications clear, and access controlled.

Your Single Source of Truth

With filterable search and unique document register structure, stop digging through folders and chasing files.

Stay Up to Date

Always-on tracking keeps the latest version of each document top of mind—and records all revisions down to the user.

Clean Transmittals

No more attachments. Link-based document transmittal frees you from size limitations and always connects users to the latest version of each item.

Unite Your Processes

Combine competing repositories and streamline processes into an accessible workflow fit for any department.

The Innovative Document Register Keeps Information at Your Fingertips

Consolidated versions and file formats

See the full picture. InEight Document displays all file formats — .dwg, .pdf, .docx, and more —on a single register line. The latest, approved version is presented, with a trackable history and ownership of each format.

The industry’s most advanced search and retrieval

Find what you need when you need it. Built-in intelligence helps navigate your repository and sort through relevant assets. Use an unparalleled variety of search options and our unique smart folder structures to meet any team member’s needs or preferences for finding documents.

Transmittals without limits

Transmittals can be sent even to people who aren’t users of InEight Document. Transmittals are attachment-free – instead, documents are shared via email through links which removes any file size restrictions. More importantly the link will always bring users to the latest revision of the file.

Real-time update notifications and alerts, on the go

Get push notifications for user feedback, version updates, and more directly to your device. Never worry if you’ve heard the latest, and never accept another excuse for delays.

Connected document distribution

Outlook integration and additional connected tools let you send asset links to stakeholders and monitor correspondence. Built-in review and approvals ensure project transparency.

Detail-friendly quality assurance

Never lose the latest document thanks to digital version histories. Detailed user histories and non-deleteable assets and records let you track any action and recover any file, no matter the changes made.

Convenient mobile access

Always-on cloud connectivity means on-site teams can access key project information from anywhere there’s data access.

Document Control That Fits Any Project

“We could not have achieved this complex digital commissioning as efficiently as we did without InEight Document.”

Marjorie Gore
Heidelberg Materials

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“With InEight Document, we’re able to get the right information, in approved documents, served up to the end users at the right time.”

Henry Okraglik

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“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple: decide on the outcome you want and set up your processes and technology to deliver it.”


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