InEight’s Integrated Project Controls Platform

Only InEight provides a cloud-based solution that integrates data and creates meaningful insights across your project’s life providing real time visibility into scope, cost and schedule — so you can realize better outcomes.

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Turn Disparate Data into Connected Data

The volume of data created to deliver even a small project is massive. Making sense of data that’s derived from disconnected systems can be nearly impossible. InEight provides a common data environment (CDE) that improves your ability to collect, manage and report against data. This drives efficiencies in execution because stakeholders have a unified view of the project through models, dashboards and the source systems they use to manage the project in each phase of its life cycle.

Manage Scope, Cost and Schedule Constraints

Adapt plans in real time as demands and conditions change from original through to as-built.

Scope: Real-time line of sight to scope changes. This includes models, documents, drawings, inspections and test plans.

Cost: Cash flow insight and protection against margin erosion. This includes budgets and actuals, estimates and forecasts.

Schedule: Deliver the most realistic plans. This includes CPM schedules, work plans, short-interval plans and daily plans.

Drive Efficiency and Eliminate Surprises

A complete life cycle view of your project that eliminates rework, reduces risk and enables fast decision-making from seamlessly flowing, consistent, real-time data. InEight connects your office and field teams and strengthens communication and collaboration across stakeholders. This higher level of visibility, communication and accuracy helps you make critical project decisions that result in higher project certainty.


InEight’s integrated platform enables collaboration across stakeholders to drive efficiency and eliminate surprises. You can simultaneously capture project experience and leverage AI and machine learning to create a scalable learning organization. With connected data across your organization, you will:

  • Perform the work better
  • Gain real-time project insights into performance
  • Put your team’s knowledge to work

Best-in-class project controls methodology

Combine work, materials, labor and equipment — and their associated timing and costs — in a connected data flow

Seamless data flow between contractors and owners

Get next-generation AI-driven analytics and visualization using 3D models

Integrated reporting

Access a library of standard reports and dashboards, or build your own

Digital twin creation

Supports AWP, Lean, Last Planner and Agile methodology

Automatically enriched digital thread

Owners can review and act on contractor plans in real time


Discover how the InEight integrated project controls platform provides a complete set of solutions to
streamline your business processes and connect your data across all project stakeholders


Here are several key functionalities your system should include as you consider an integrated project controls platform. They’ll help your teams guide a project from beginning to end, while improving your bottom line.

Accommodates the Full Project Life Cycle

Consider full life-cycle project management with an integrated system that allows you to leverage solutions in one platform that connect across disciplines. You’ll eliminate rework and keeps teams communicating across disciplines by utilizing a common dataset — from initial planning of the scope, cost and schedule to project closeout and handover.

Allows for Sophisticated Risk Management and Scenario Planning

The right integrated platform gathers the necessary data while a plan is being built, allowing stakeholders to provide direct and actionable risk analysis. You should also look for team collaboration functionality so others can offer their opinions on plan achievability. This ensures a project has a higher likelihood of achieving cost and schedule objectives.

Enables Construction-Specific Document Management and Control

Look for a system that allows you to leverage a single source of truth for project information across all phases of construction. You’ll want a collaborative document control solution that integrates project documents with other business processes, which will increase efficiency. Lastly, you’ll want to be able to track document reviews and approvals and have a record of every time a document has been touched.

Provides for Real-Time Budgeting, Earned-Value Reporting and Forecasting

Consider a truly integrated platform that brings all of your data together to create budgets directly from estimates. Keep the budget current by feeding back costs, man-hours and productivity data as work is executed in the field. You’ll have the ability to forecast work based on real-time information and progress.

Strategic Partnerships
That Drive Innovation

We believe in the power of collaboration. To that end, we strategically partner with some of the most innovative companies around the globe to drive innovation and deliver solutions that allow companies like yours to leverage existing technology infrastructure and streamline business processes. These partnerships allow customers like you to better compete in today’s competitive market. InEight supports more than 70 technology integrations with partners such as Bluebeam, DocuSign, Dropbox, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.

Delivering Results
Across All Industries

The InEight project controls platform is tailor-made for capital projects in a myriad of industries around the world. These include general building, transportation, energy, power, renewables, utilities, water, oil and gas, chemicals, mining and minerals. The InEight project controls solution empowers owners, contractors, designers and engineers in these industries to deliver predictable outcomes while improving productivity and reducing project risks.

Guided by
Change Management Experts

Our people-centric approach to change management is unique and proven. It’s driven by a certified team of experts who have come directly from organizations that have adopted InEight software. This real-world experience allows them to keenly understand the impacts of change as they help you execute your organization’s desired strategy and facilitate adoption by driving positive, sustainable change through your greatest asset — your team.

State-of-the-Art Security
for All Your Project Data

In today’s digitally connected world, secure data is of the utmost importance, especially with sensitive financial information. Our cloud-based platform provides rock-solid security to all your project data. It does this through a foundation of multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence from Microsoft Azure. It also allows you to set access policies and permissions as your teams work from a centralized version of project truth across your entire organization.

Further backstopped by AICPA SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications, InEight maintains elevated business operations to protect procedures and processes that could impact business continuity and the security of your data.

Pricing Methodology

InEight offers several enterprise-level solutions. The pricing for these solutions can vary depending on the specific products, the number of users and the length of the subscription. We offer a range of pricing plans and options, including customized pricing to meet the needs of customers with specific requirements. To get specific pricing information for InEight solutions, please contact a sales team member directly at

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