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We built project confidence
into our software

We believe successful project outcomes start with great people,
proven processes and world-class software. For more than twenty-five
years, InEight has been helping large capital project stakeholders
deliver on all three fronts. The result? Proven project certainty.

Regain control of your capital projects

Reduce risks on your capital projects with greater project oversight

We understand the complexities of managing a capital project and the related risks. Our solutions provide real-time project management that gives you in-hand reporting to facilitate comprehensive oversight, resulting in proactive risk management. Our stable, unified platform for project and execution supports all project stakeholders with end-to-end solutions for their work processes, giving you confidence during every phase of construction.

Get rid of the gaps

Align work processes to operate as one entity

A capital project can easily involve more than a 100 business processes across multiple stakeholders. Aligning these processes across multiple, single-point software solutions is outdated, complex and can result in work process gaps and high-data latency. These gaps manifest themselves in lost information, miscommunications, added risk and poorly managed change.

Our capital project management software offers a single platform that supports business process alignment throughout all phases of project delivery, including strategic planning, construction execution and operations and turnover.


Manage design and construction deliverables in a Common Data Environment.

The evolution of BIM and VDC has created new opportunities for managing the digital engineering assets created throughout the lifecycle of a project. Our solutions enable owners to receive an intelligent project deliverable, connecting design data with documents, costs, schedules and more.

See what your future projects could look like.

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