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All Your Construction Project Data in One Place:
An Entirely New Way to Build

Manage and share project information in InEight Model’s common data environment, where model content is connected directly to documents and data needed to maintain your asset.


Coordinate concept to operations from a common data environment

With InEight’s virtual design and construction solution, connect unlimited models into a single integrated model, store record models, and then continue to link model elements to other data and documents throughout the construction process.

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Extend the value of the model in asset management

Maintain a complete history of project data, an enriched digital twin, that can extend into maintenance and operations.

Identify design coordination hot spots

Visually review potential design clashes in 3D. Assign clash points for resolution and manage the associated issues.

Quickly save and share contextually rich model views with the project team

Allow all stakeholders to access every revision of every model element in one place. Visualize even the most complex model without specialized, high-performance hardware.

Manage process and accountability for the lifetime of your facility

Visualize model content based on data from other sources. From the office and in the field, track installation status, issue count or any other QA/QC or commissioning data point.