Connected Analytics

Our connected construction data analytics solutions help you make real-time decisions because you’re gaining visibility into metrics, KPIs and trends, thus driving continuity in operations.

50% Reduction

in construction project analysis time.

50% Reduction

in dashboard and report creation time.

Mobile Access

Eliminate wait times because reports and data are accessible from any device.

Gearig started this journey looking for a software solution and quickly changed our thinking. Instead of picking software, we picked a business partner who was innovative, evolving and growing.

Mark Johnson - Business Development, Gearig Civilworks
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Connected Analytics

Connected Analytics leverages cloud-derived, industry-leading metrics like Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Commodity Curves, and S-Curves to provide accessible charts that show if a project is over or under performing, improving portfolio visibility while reducing surprises and project analysis time across the project life cycle.

  • Reports
  • Project Portfolio Analytics
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Real-Time Information
  • Industry-Recognized KPIs
  • Information on the Go

InEight Report

Quickly consume project information, identify issues and make better informed decisions.

InEight Explore

Conduct deep, interactive construction data analysis across your entire project life cycle using reports and dashboards.

Building Blocks of Success for InEight’s Construction Analytics Solutions

InEight offers comprehensive, best-in-class training, support and change management services delivered by industry experts who make the software adoption process easy and straightforward.

Our proven methodology will help your organization:

  • Clearly define business processes.
  • Drive adoption in a dynamic and multi-generation workforce.
  • Get the most from our construction analytics software through online or in-person training courses.
  • Get easy access to the latest information and updates.
  • Realize your anticipated return on technology investment.
  • Utilize InEight Replicate, a secure SQL database connection, for a real-time copy of project data to support your reporting needs.

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Request a free, no-obligation demonstration of InEight’s construction data analytics software and get on the best path of construction.

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