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Build, Operate (or both)
with a common data

Whether you’re managing design work or serving as the construction manager, InEight® software for engineers enables you to create a common data environment to connect design data with documents, costs, schedules and more.

Increase your value to clients

Bridge the gap between design and construction

The expansion of BIM and virtual design and construction (VDC) has created new opportunities for efficiency gains to lower the cost of construction for your clients.

InEight’s innovative technology enables you to deliver predictable project outcomes by managing design and construction work all the way through turnover.

Design data meets as-built data

Bring as-designed and as-built information together in a common data environment

As trusted advisors to owners, engineers face ever-increasing challenges to deliver successful projects. InEight’s project management software for engineering makes it happen by reporting on project cost and schedule performance, capturing as-built documentation and providing a digital turnover package that can be accessed through the 3D model.

Designed for you

Discover software built to help engineering and CM firms successfully deliver projects

InEight solutions are built by design and construction experts, and proven on real projects. Trusted for more than 25 years on some of the world’s largest capital projects, our award-winning approach is transforming how engineering firms digitally deliver projects to owners at completion.

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