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Meet your project
challenges head on

Our construction management software enables you to overcome your
greatest project challenges by providing you with a turnkey, digital playbook
that’s built on best practices and work process deployment from pre-construction
to handover. Our solutions span projects from business development to award,
from design to estimate and from field execution to turnover.

See every aspect of your project like never before

Gain deep visibility into project performance and status — at all times

We know that the essence of project controls is the ability to connect all the dots, but that’s hard when systems provide conflicting answers, when job site communications can’t keep up with the pace of changes, and when a reliance on spreadsheets makes it impossible to get timely, accurate reports. Our construction management software is here to help you get a clear picture of where your project stands, so you can make the best decisions.

Bring projects in on-time and on-budget

Drive improvements in productivity and profitability at every stage

Construction projects today operate on razor-thin margins. Your reputation is on the line with every job, and it’s getting harder and harder to control projects and achieve predictable outcomes. We’ve focused our solutions on the parts of construction projects with the greatest opportunity to reduce redundancies, boost productivity and improve communication – construction budgeting, estimating, forecasting, benchmarking, planning field work, and managing contracts, documents and changes.

Rooted in job sites, not Silicon Valley

Discover software built just for construction

We’ve walked miles in your boots. Our project management software is built, tested and proven by many of the world’s leading contractors on real project sites, not in Silicon Valley. It’s purpose-built for construction, and it can help you gain control of your projects, minimize risks and achieve predictable outcomes. Authentic to the core, it’s been trusted for nearly 30 years by more than 25,000 people just like you on job sites around the world.


What contractors say


InEight is the ideal technology partner for DVS because it has true field experience and tools that are developed based on insights from decades of deep construction expertise. InEight is working closely with us to design the best processes for our business to make sure we have the right data in the hands of our team when they need it.


What really took us to the next level was the whole entire enterprise system jumping onto this new level of technology that we didn’t have before.

TIC - The Industrial Company

From the planning process through field execution inspection and closing the job out, everything’s tied together, and the uniqueness of it is that it all speaks together.


You’ve got this super powerful machine that provides a lot of information… the whole system is about the data and how fast you can get access to the data.

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