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InEight® Report allows managers to quickly gather data from active projects and generate the reports, KPIs and construction project dashboard templates needed to identify issues earlier, make better informed decisions and avoid surprises. It provides strategic and operational insights to ensure project success throughout every phase of construction.

InEight Report shows you what to focus on and what deserves attention. It provides metrics that drive project productivity and profitability, such as a Labor Efficiency Index (LEI) metric and the Schedule Performance Index (SPI).

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InEight Report: Gain Strategic & Operational Insight



Chief Estimator at a Contractor

My job is to produce defensible estimates, and I’m constantly asked, “where did you get that number?” I need reports that provide all those answers in seconds.

Cost Engineer at an Owner

Accuracy is absolutely critical in our reports. Relying on Excel and other manual data sources leads to all kinds of problems, such as data timing, granularity and quality issues.

Project Manager at a Contractor

Preparing and distributing project status reports for everyone who needs them takes way too long. We need a controlled way for people to subscribe to the reports they need so they can get the latest versions automatically.

Get actionable intelligence

InEight Report has ready-to-go reports, including a construction daily report, using common industry performance metrics and KPIs to measure project productivity during every phase of construction. This includes Productivity Factor (PF), Labor Efficiency Index (LEI) and Compensation Factor (CF).

Manage risk

InEight Report provides real-time visibility into the profitability of every project by using your preferred forecast comparisons against the current estimate or budget. You can easily see how potential changes made right now could affect revenue and project completion.

Be confident in your decisions

InEight Report provides analytical reporting for every stage of the project life cycle. It elevates real-time data into actionable insights in the form of trends and forecasts powerful enough to predict project outcomes. Our out-of-the-box reports alert project stakeholders when project productivity or profitability is at risk and inform decisions to positively change project outcomes.

Access your reports in one place

InEight Report serves as a single source for you to access all of your project data, putting a greater depth and breadth of project information at your fingertips. This includes reporting for project cost management and field execution management.

InEight Report is ready to use. No technical experience needed.

Take your reports with you

InEight Report lets you print or export your reports into multiple formats, so you can modify data. Our standard reports can easily be exported into Microsoft Excel or into print-ready formats, including PDFs.

Easily share your reports

With InEight Report, you can save the reports that you regularly run and share reports with teams. Keep interested stakeholders informed by configuring subscriptions to send reports directly to the inbox of select recipients, and creating automated email subscriptions to circulate specific information to project team members.


Metropolitan Community College

InEight Report provided Kiewit Building Group with in-depth reporting and actionable data to complete the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus Expansion project on time and on budget.

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What our
clients say

Project Manager, Kiewit Building Group

We can look at every single self-perform item from the previous day and see if we made or lost money, how everyone was doing, current budget for man-hours, cost, how they did that week and to date. For a production manager on a large project with thousands or millions of man-hours… this is an awesome report.

Project Engineer on the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus Expansion Project

When we’re looking at it on a weekly or daily basis, when we’re analyzing the data to see how we’re doing, we can actually trust the information.

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