Make Better Decisions with Detailed
Construction Analytics Software

Construction Analytics

InEight Report features detailed construction analytics that allow you to track progress and trends on a project over time. Contractors, project owners and project managers have access to data and reporting across projects — so they can make better, more informed decisions.

Our reports are based on dynamic data from multiple InEight applications, including InEight Compliance. Know what’s going on at the job-site with daily, comprehensive reports. Choose from over 200 standard reports or take advantage of our custom report development to track data on your projects. Distribute reports to key stakeholders with the click of a button. Get reports delivered straight to your email automatically, so you can stay in the loop without even opening the application.

Track Projects Companywide

With connected analytics, you’ll gain insight into trends that affect your projects companywide. Know your productivity, costs, equipment, materials and safety issues at all times with standardized reports and centralized data.

Protect your profit margins, build better plans and improve the quality of your projects with the most comprehensive construction reports in the industry.


Increase project transparency and insights with aggregated dashboards that display visual reports with productivity, safety and quality issues.


Receive comprehensive reports based on compliance, financials and scheduling data. Know the actual work completed on the job-site with end-to-end reporting.


Make informed decisions when incorporating change orders to reduce the risk of cost or schedule overruns. Plan ahead for potential issues thanks to detailed reports.


Leverage standardized data for future projects. Use information from past projects to create better estimates and have a framework to decide whether to bid on a project.


See the impact of potential scope changes on all aspects of a project. View reports and insights that predict future issues, and make adjustments before they occur.


Capture standardized data to determine productivity. Work and collaborate from the same platform for better communication and visibility into project metrics.

Who Uses Construction Analytics Software?

Data is only useful when it is accessible. That’s why our construction analytics software is broken down into visual, easy-to-understand reports — sent directly to your inbox every day. Here’s how you can benefit from using this software:

Oil & Gas

Decrease safety hazards during long, complex projects with standardized reporting. Store your data in a central repository and track progress on the field in real time.


Reduce downtime between phases of a project with advanced construction analytics. Create optimized workflows and make faster decisions with easy access to data.

General Building

Receive actionable insights to improve the health of your organization. Gain insight into productivity, profits, issues and more.

Heavy Civil

Track your project progress with visual reports. Build better plans for future projects with connected construction analytics software based on rich industry knowledge.

6 Benefits to Using
Construction Analytics in Your Business

When data is spread out between spreadsheets and paper silos, it’s difficult to rely on and you don’t get the full picture. Make better decisions grounded in a high-level project view with a central construction analytics platform.

Fewer Cost Overruns

Connected construction analytics provide visibility into the project at every stage — allowing you to predict and resolve issues before they impact your budget.

Holistic View of Every Project

Receive actionable data during every stage of the project, from estimating and design to execution and turnover.

Efficient Processes

Eliminate duplicate entry and workflow redundancies. Catch issues when they occur with reports that close the communication gap between the field and office.

Decreased Project Risk

Build contingency into your schedules and budgets based on actual data from past projects, instead of relying on intuition and guesswork.

Bird’s-Eye Project View

Make better decisions grounded in a high-level picture of the project, with easy access to key metrics such as total cost, KPIs, industry trends and more.

Customize Business Reports

Benefit from customized reports, tailor-made for your project and industry. Get automatic reports delivered to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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