Australian-based construction engineering firm Decmil Group is a publicly traded company that provides full-cycle construction and engineering project delivery across the infrastructure, energy, resources, renewables, transport and energy sectors.



To streamline workflows and manage fragmented systems and processes, Decmil required a holistic software provider to help it leverage more real-time data and implement successful risk-adjusted scheduling capabilities. Decmil needed software to connect disparate systems and provide a way to store and access data in a structured manner, while giving employees across the workflow access at every touch point to increase efficiencies and reduce manual oversight.



Decmil leveraged InEight’s planning, scheduling, and risk solution, specifically InEight Schedule, which uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive increased project confidence and performance. Decmil also uses InEight’s Control, Contract and Change solutions across its workflows to enhance internal processes. Using Schedule has enabled Decmil to leverage risk analysis from both a cost and schedule perspective, mitigating risk and reducing overall project spend, while InEight’s technology framework has accelerated Decmil’s digital transformation journey.


“Traditionally in construction labor, there’s a minimum of 50% waste throughout the industry. If you can increase production by 1% and productivity by 2%, you’re going to see an enormous impact to your business’ bottom line. This is where I see InEight helping us along with consistency.”
– Pat Furlong, Operations Manager, Decmil



Decmil streamlined its scheduling and field execution management processes through InEight’s AI-based software models. Additionally, it is building out historical examples using the InEight Knowledge Library to store data from prior plans to help inform future projects. InEight Schedule allows Decmil to cut its data collation time markedly. Whereas before, within the project delivery space, Decmil was spending upwards of two weeks a month collating data due to fragmented and siloed systems. Using InEight’s integrated schedule solution, the company is accessing data more readily and significantly cutting down review timelines.


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