US Construction Contractor Drives Profitability With Agile, Data-Driven
Decision Making

This construction contractor delivers projects to customers in the southeastern United States. With annual revenues of more than $20 million, the company has a reputation for excellence in land clearing and grading, base and paving, utility, road construction and specialty projects. 

  • Industry 
    • Contractor — earthworks, roads, utilities 
  • Location 
    • North America, United States 
  • Solution 
    • Project Cost Management 
    • Field Execution Management 
    • Capital & Contract Management 
    • Connected Analytics 
    • Document Management 


The Challenge

As this construction contractor grew, projects became more complex and demanding. To complete work on time and budget, the company relied on clear, timely data to track everything from project completion rates and materials used and remaining, to ongoing costs. However, decision making was often hampered by the company’s previous project management systems, which offered limited visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) and the status of current work. To support more effective day-to-day project management, the contractor looked to collect and visualize real time data from the field to guide smarter business decisions. 


The Solution

The contractor looked for a long-term partner with a comprehensive platform of solutions to manage the entire project life cycle. After assessing vendors, the company decided to work with InEight and deploy its solutions for tracking project costs, creating daily work schedules, secure contract and document storage, and for real-time analytics and reporting.  

During implementation, the contractor collaborated with InEight to integrate these solutions with its ERP platform, and to develop customized project management templates. As well as aligning with industry best practices, InEight tailored the templates to the company’s unique requirements.  


The Outcome

With InEight, the contractor has the advanced, scalable tools it needs to manage increasingly complex construction projects effectively and to support ongoing growth. The company uses the InEight solutions for planning and preparing daily work schedules; tracking timecards, materials received and stored, and costs; creating estimates, and for monitoring performance against historic benchmarks — all of which helps to keep projects running on time and budget. With the InEight solutions, the company can access centralized analytics dashboards that present real-time updates on KPIs and the situation on the ground at different project sites. With this data, managers have moved from reactive to more agile, proactive decision making — helping to speed project delivery, improve quality of service to clients, and boost overall profitability. 


Featured Testimonial

“Instead of picking software, we picked a business partner who was innovative, evolving and growing. Our advice, don’t look at where software companies are today: compare where these companies were five5 years ago, evaluate where they will be in five 5 years, and pick the best partner.” 

– Spokesperson,  American Construction Contractor 


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