Aecon is Canada’s largest publicly traded infrastructure development company and is in the business of solving client needs and accomplishing work more efficiently. This 140-year-old company, which is responsible for some of Canada’s most important and renowned infrastructure, realized that using paper-based estimating tools was putting it at a competitive disadvantage.



Aecon’s skilled estimators were spending far too much time on mundane estimating tasks and not enough time developing a greater understanding of theactual bids. In fact, estimators would take anywhere from a half-day to nearly a week to set up a bid in the traditional manner. Aecon needed a cost estimating solution that would enable it to gain more intelligence about a prospective bid in less time, while also achieving consistent and fact-based cost breakdowns.



Aecon’s partnership with InEight began several years ago when its leaders saw the future of the industry and the need for implementing digital technology to remain competitive. The company used InEight Estimate’s Bid Wizard functionality to increase its estimate entry efficiency. Not only is Bid Wizard saving Aecon valuable time, but it’s also helping estimators gain intelligence about specific bids in minutes. Work scope is quickly sorted by type of work, and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costs and selling prices, plus man- hours, quantities and specific crews required for each scope are summarized. Furthermore, field superintendents are seeing strong correlations between how the job is being built, and how it was built in the estimate.


“We bid work all over Ontario and across Canada. InEight Estimate allows us to swap out whole resource tables, one for another, just with a few mouse clicks, and that saves a lot of time.”



When Aecon examines the benefits of InEight’s project cost management solutions, it sees huge savings in both time and money. Bids using traditional methods took anywhere from a half-day to almost one work week to create. Now with the Bid Wizard tool inside InEight Estimate, estimators can create bids in minutes. Breaking it down further, Aecon wasabletosaveasmuchas41⁄2days to set up each project. Thus, it could refocus up to 3,000 estimator hours per year toward analysis of the bids, rather than toiling at mundane bid setup tasks. Instead of spending hours, if not days, trying to gain intelligence about a prospective bid, it’s now done in minutes.

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