PC3 Uses InEight Schedule to Reduce Risk on Multibillion-dollar Water Projects

Project Controls Cubed (PC3) is a California-based project controls services provider for multi-billion-dollar construction projects, primarily large-scale water and water treatment facilities.


With several West Coast-based megaprojects in the works, including the $3 billion Sites Reservoir Water Program in California’s Sacramento Valley, PC3 needed a reliable and effective solution to reduce cost and schedule risk on each project — and do so in a virtual environment. From an ongoing perspective, PC3 also wanted to use historical project data to inform future projects and sought a trusted vendor- partner that could provide a full suite of technology with the scale and built-in intelligence necessary to support its growing number of megaprojects.



PC3 chose InEight Schedule — a planning, scheduling, and risk solution — to keep large-scale projects running on a streamlined and timely basis, while mitigating risks along the way. By using the solution’s dedicated Knowledge Library, PC3 has also been able to store historical project data to better guide future projects, capturing team members’ experiences and knowledge in a single digitized database — all of which enables PC3 to “punch above its weight” when it comes to instilling confidence among its clients.


“We used to have to start over from scratch every single time. Now with the AI capabilities of InEight Schedule, we’re able to take what we’ve learned in the past and apply it to our new programs and projects. The more we do that, the better we’re going to be.”

– Jeff Campbell, Director of Scheduling, PC3


PC3 continues to win the trust and confidence of its clients without dramatically increasing labor and travel costs. By leveraging InEight Schedule to manage planning, scheduling and risk, PC3 has streamlined internal workflows and is using its Knowledge Library to build a vast database of experience and project data — all of which will help PC3 manage future projects even more effectively and predictably. And since Schedule brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI), PC3 is even better equipped to reduce costs and avoid schedule overruns.

Using InEight Schedule, PC3 handles billion-dollar megaprojects with ease, while streamlining its mitigation planning process. PC3’s adoption of the virtual environment was especially valuable when COVID-19 safety protocols limited on-site access. The company’s investment continues to pay off as it grows its business and opportunities for future success.


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