Chemex Global Seamlessly Manages Construction Complexity with InEight

For over 40 years, Chemex Global has provided construction services for modular and renewable diesel refining, including engineering, procurement, fabrication, and project management services. As the EPCF/EPCM provider grew over the decades, so did its collection of point solutions. Eventually, Chemex had an environment in place that was so tangled, entire functions were left siloed from the rest of the business; it was time to make a change.

With InEight, the refining and energy project experts found an all-in-one solution that:
– Delivered full visibility into project-related data
– Enabled consistent project controls
– Integrated solutions to create a single source of truth

To quote Alisher Kamalov, Project Controls Director at Chemex, “InEight handles everything—quality, claiming, cost controls, document management, reporting—all in one modular system. Now, our entire company has a standardized toolset and approach for project controls.”


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