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This transportation company is the governing authority for two major airports in the United States. With more than 4,000 employees and billion-dollar annual revenues, the company owns and operates the airports, including maintaining and developing the sites, constructing new facilities and infrastructure, and providing passenger and cargo services.

Industry Transportation — Owner
Location North America, United State
Solution Virtual Design & Construction

Safety, Quality & Commissioning


The Challenge

As its airports continued to grow, the transportation company was running increasingly complex construction and maintenance projects. Managing these schemes involves coordinating many workflows, from preparatory inspections, issue-tracking, and safety and quality checks to field work, closeouts and post-construction handoffs.

Previously, the company planned projects on an individual basis, which made it difficult to assess the impact on nearby structures. The company wanted a more integrated approach, tracking projects in relation to one another to reduce the risk of incidents and costly delays.


The Solution

To accelerate project execution, the company selected InEight solutions for Virtual Design & Construction and Safety, Quality & Commissioning. Project stakeholders can now use 3D modeling to visualize designs, while incorporating nearby structures to assess potential risk.

The cloud-based InEight software allows on-site and remote workers to securely access project information, including safety and quality assurance data from the field. The InEight solutions organize data with the end user in mind — so designers, field contractors, and project owners can access a customized view based on their requirements.


The Outcome

With the InEight solutions, the company has created a more robust strategy for planning construction and maintenance work at its airports. Creating 3D models of new facilities and nearby structures enables the company to reduce the risk of incidents, such as hitting underground utilities, which helps to keep projects running on time and budget.

The company also has access to more timely data on project performance. The InEight solutions feed daily updates into the company’s Microsoft Power BI analytics dashboards, providing comprehensive visibility into ongoing inspections, issues, commissioning, closeouts, and project turnovers. This enables more proactive decision-making and cuts project completion times by months.


“Typically, the steps leading to final project turnover can take up to a year. Time saved by leveraging related data within InEight’s quality, commissioning and closeout software solutions speeds up the completion process by months.”
– Spokesperson, U.S. transportation company

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