For over 95 years, Graham has served as North America’s premier integrated construction solutions partner. While the employee-owned company’s self-built software kept Graham ahead of the times for nearly 20 years, the demands of a quickly evolving global market helped the North American company realize it could go further with a specialized construction software partner.



Graham prides itself on innovation. In the late ‘90s, Graham built an integrated platform for tracking bids and leads, estimating, project cost control, document management and more. The digital Graham Toolbox was an industry-leading solution for many of construction’s most common challenges.

Twenty years later, the emergence of the cloud, IoT connectivity and real-time data access pushed Toolbox past its prime and Graham out of the software development game. New hires struggled to learn the software, each department and region siloed its job data, and estimates were constantly recreated from scratch. As a result, estimators relied on an outdated process that limited their performance and prolonged customer estimates.

In short, Graham needed to reinvent its Toolbox.

Instead of investing resources into modernizing its original suite, Graham began the search for a construction technology partner that shared its vision of a fully integrated software solution that provided a single source of truth across owners, contractors, designers and front-line workers. Instead of pulling together point solutions from several different providers for each of the challenges they faced, Graham wanted an end-to-end solution that could span the entire project life cycle.


“InEight was very eager to learn from us, and we could be an active partner throughout that process and get the solutions we needed to make our projects more successful.”
– Tyson Beaton, Vice President, Estimating and Project Controls, Graham



Graham found that like-minded partner in InEight.

Not only did InEight offer an immediate solution for many of Graham’s challenges, but the company’s core values of integrity, respect, passion, innovation and accountability aligned brilliantly with Graham’s dedication to commitment, integrity and reliability. Suddenly, Graham had an equal partner in its transformation journey. Together, Graham and InEight envisioned a digital-first future for the Canadian based constructor.

While InEight brought along a holistic suite of integrated tools to Graham’s transition, it also showed a dedication to understanding Graham’s business needs and challenges — personally developing or acquiring new technologies to meet each new challenge head-on.

The result was a multiyear transition that prioritized Graham’s immediate needs while laying a reliable foundation for future growth and adaptation. Over time, those new tools would address downstream events and support Graham’s adoption of more modern solutions into its next-generation Toolbox.

Graham now had a multistream approach that integrated the full InEight platform into its daily operations.

Stream 1: InEight Plan and Progress
Stream 2: InEight Estimating
Stream 3: InEight Document Control
Stream 4: InEight Control and Contract
Stream 5: InEight Quality

This onboarding not only equipped project managers and estimators with innovative construction technologies but united the entire organization under a single platform designed to drive efficiency and improve communication.


“It’s been a fantastic partnership. The cultural fit, the ease with which those people have worked together. It’s almost like we work for the same company, and that’s been a massive enabler of the achievements that we’ve accomplished.”
– Ian Dickinson, Executive Vice President Water, Graham



While Graham’s full digital transformation is still underway, the success of the initial streams has inspired great confidence in the transformation to come. InEight Document alone manages over 80 projects. Estimates are more accurate and easier to assemble, model data is maintained and accessible across the organization in real time, and overall efficiency is rising.

Perhaps the most encouraging element of this transition is in its adoption. By integrating new InEight tools in a controlled sequence, both organizations successfully demonstrated the value and potential of the latest solutions for legacy employees while ensuring no one was overwhelmed in the process. This cadenced approach slowly built confidence across the Graham team and created an atmosphere of ownership and enthusiasm in the final transition.

The outcome is a team of highly recognized construction specialists equipped with industry-leading technologies delivering more accurate client work, faster daily deliverables and accessible internal assets in a fraction of the time.


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