Control Your Workflow With Document Management Software

Streamlining your construction workflow should be simple. With InEight® Document’s feature-rich platform, you can track RFIs (Request for Information) and submittals from a single system. Take job site pictures and upload them directly to the system, and update construction punch lists in real-time. Made for complex construction projects, InEight’s document management software lets you control the process.

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Manage Photos


Upload photos from the job site and share instantly with field or office teams. Our mobile tools work with both Apple and Android devices, so managing jobsite photos is easier than ever. Say goodbye to inefficient processes that have you emailing and uploading to different point solutions. With our streamlined document management software, teams work more efficiently and enjoy better communication, faster information flow and more accurate decision making.

create and manage punch lists


Capture punch lists or snag lists directly in InEight Document. View checklists on mobile and desktop devices for easy access from anywhere. When a task is complete, check it off from the jobsite. Punch lists update in real-time, keeping you from repeating tasks or duplicating data entry. By inviting multiple collaborators to view and edit a single punch list, you’ll eliminate miscommunications between the field and the office.

accelerate communication with the field and office


Manage your construction submittals from any location. Get faster approvals and reduce delays with real-time updates between field and office personnel. Improve your efficiency and communication by viewing the status of documents from both desktop and mobile devices. Notify your team as soon as a relevant submittal is approved so they can move forward with the project.

process and manage rfi’s


Process and manage RFIs directly in InEight’s document management system. Don’t waste time tracking down individual team members and disconnected pieces of information. Instead, invite external parties to contribute to relevant sections, and keep your documents organized in one place. View RFI responses and immediately notify team members. Stay on top of important dates with scheduling integrations. Create and access RFIs from anywhere in a single source of truth.

manage turnover packages


Deliver usable, organized turnover packages immediately upon project completion. Our document management software automatically collects the required documents throughout the project, so you don’t need to scramble to track down information. Get paid right away at project completion and leave a good impression on project owners with turnover packages that are complete, searchable and user-friendly.

create and manage workflows


Manage document workflows with an intuitive review and approval process. Assign documents directly to responsible parties, then activate a custom or pre-defined workflow to automatically send the document to each successive team member. Comment directly in the document register, delegate review and assign sub reviewers as needed. Always work from the latest version of the document and keep your project on schedule with status updates.

What are the Benefits of InEight’s
Document Management Software?

InEight Document is a robust solution that allows you to manage complex capital projects with ease. Our document management software is built for construction professionals across all industries. Contractors, managers and owners can rely on a single source of truth that accommodates multiple collaborators, high volumes of information and transparent communication between teams.

With customizable workflows, you’ll be able to review, edit and approve documents in less time than ever. Keep information secure by creating distribution groups. Track your documents without wasting time, thanks to automated reporting and workflows.

Lower Project Risks

Lower project risks with secure, real-time access to documents. View a history of everyone who has downloaded, edited or viewed each document. Extend and limit access for third parties and team members to ensure the security of sensitive information.

Save Time

Save time with a searchable, easy-to-navigate document management system. Don’t waste time on missing documents. Rest assured that you are always working from the latest version of a document and easily track issues across the project lifecycle.

Communicate Easily

Seamless integrations with mobile devices, email and Microsoft Office allow you to send formal communications without logging into separate systems. Issue RFIs, manage responses and see a history of who has updated and approved each item.


See how InEight Document equips today’s construction professionals with the tools and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction document management solutions can streamline your workflow while increasing your security and efficiency.

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