Improve communication throughout the document review process with the new Document mobile app.

Easily use docs and drawings as the center of team collaboration to get real-time insights

Make your drawings and documents a hub of communication, ensuring that no detail is missed. Team members can make and respond to comments, link photos, and initiate RFIs directly from the drawing.

Improve team efficiency

Seamlessly integrate with the InEight Document web application. Take advantage of customizable workflows and reviews, automatically sharing new content to field users. Back-office and front-line workers have access to current data in real time.

Get the right information into the hands of those in the field doing the work

Automatically deliver new and revised drawings to the field. Respond to RFIs, review key emails and view responses to your comments, all from your mobile device.

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InEight Document

  • Locate and refer to drawings on-site.
  • Automatically share documents and drawings from the web application.
  • Capture details on-site for lots, forms and correspondence.
  • Initiate forms (RFIs), respond to emails and link them to your drawings as necessary.
  • Take photos and videos, link them directly to your drawings and automatically back them up in the cloud.

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