Reduce Document Processing Time by 30% with InEight’s
Document Management Software

Manage Contract Status

When it comes to complex industrial work and large infrastructure projects, sophisticated document management software is not just a benefit—it’s a necessity. That’s why we created InEight® Document Control: the most comprehensive construction document management system on the market.

Our software scales to accommodate large projects across all industries. Gather feedback from team members and collaborate on a single document. Create and review custom forms, then distribute them securely to third parties. Work from the latest version of each document with confidence.

Track Subcontractor  Progress

Contractors can send formal communications and RFIs directly through the software, then hand over complete turnover packages to project owners. Project and field managers save time through automated reports that keep them up to date on project status.

Our intuitive document management system links to other InEight tools. Integrate your financial information, forecasting, contract management and reports to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

With InEight’s document management software, you’ll be in control of your construction project from beginning to end.


Easily gather feedback from the field with a project communication hub. Share documents through a central source, update them in real-time and access them from anywhere.


Manage issues and punch lists in one place. Cut back on errors with a central punch list repository. Reduce capture time with plans and tools that are available to all team members.


Run highly accurate configurable reports by referring to a complete library of past project reports. View latest revisions at a glance and always work from the most recent version of a document.


Stay in the driver’s seat throughout the entire project commissioning process with living documents, organized reports, and dedicated procedures for markup and feedback.

Document Control Software for Construction Professionals

Take control of your documents with detailed workflows, custom forms and seamless integrations. Our software puts a searchable library of data at your fingertips, so you can spend your valuable time on other tasks.

Gain insight into every step of the process with automated reports. Receive notifications when documents are updated. Stay in the loop without wasting time on manual updates.

Own your project from start to finish. Track changes, send formal communications and invite external parties to collaborate in one spot.

Work with confidence from the latest revised document, thanks to QR coding for paper and digital. Enjoy seamless mobile integration and distribute information to secure groups.

Gain easy access to reviews, specifications and communications. Manage and collaborate seamlessly with teams. Receive comprehensive turnover packages upon project completion.

Six Reasons You Need Cloud-Based Document Management Software

Cloud-based document management software will revolutionize the way you work. With features to accommodate complex construction projects, the software can transform your decision-making, workflow and collaboration.

Single-data Repository

Find any document version at any time with a centralized platform for RFIs, blueprints, estimates and more — no more misplaced copies or outdated documents.

Real-time Collaboration

Give access to teams in the field and office. Screen sharing and virtual conferencing tools make it simpler to communicate and save on travel.

Free up IT Resources

Streamline the workflow for in-house IT professionals with a single source of truth for document management.

Better Security

Maintain file integrity with encryption, authentication, and password protection. Protect sensitive information with customized security and individual access.

Save Time and Money

A fully cloud-based system means fewer administrative hours, zero printing or shipping expenses, and no more faxing, printing and delivering duplicate files.

Streamline Large Projects

Manage all the data for complex builds with ease. Store your documents in the cloud and access in a single click by discipline, status and file type.

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