Change Order Management

Streamline the management of change orders, giving you the most accurate view of current budgets.

See real-time impact of changes to your financials

Price out changes against your existing cost items. See the pending changes directly in InEight Control, even if changes have yet to be approved.

Get more flexibility in estimating change orders

Choose the level of detail that fits your business when pricing change orders. Stay high level for simple changes or break out your costs against all affected cost items. And, add pricing linked to your vendor and subcontractors and apply markups as well.

Leverage integrated workflows across InEight products

Never lose or have to recreate the detail in your priced changes. Executed change orders can be received into InEight Control with the cost item detail they were created with.

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InEight Change

  • Get greater flexibility in estimating changes orders on our new pricing page. You can easily add line items and change titles. You’ll also enjoy new markup features.
  • Price change orders with existing cost items. You can now select cost items that are in InEight Control, pull them into InEight Change and estimate them based on entered quantity.
  • Speed up contract adjustments as pricing information adjusted in InEight Change will pull back into InEight Control.

InEight Control

  • Group subtotals in CBS by account codes (or other fields) to provide better visibility into total cost.

InEight Contract

  • Create an issue from a contract variation.

InEight Document

  • Using the forms module, create an issue in InEight Change from a form and link the two items.

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