Planning is a key ingredient in this successful completion of any construction project. It provides the roadmap for the project to follow, and the milestones by which its progress is measured. Your project schedule allows you and your team to control quality measures, as well as maintain the resources needed in each phase of construct. Time is money, and a reliable schedule gives each party the opportunity to allocate time to all activities in order to avoid delays and cost overrun.

Currently, many organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to creating effective and efficient plans. Due to antiquated processes, many plans are created in silos, which creates four outcomes between owners monitoring project progress, contractors executing the work. This lack of effective processes creates a host of issues. First, it leads to bad visibility into project status, which makes it difficult to know what risk and delays you may face. Second, it creates inefficient communication of work package in the field resulting in bad execution.

Ultimately, these problems result in project stakeholders making reactive decisions that hurt the performance and product of the construction project. However, what if I told you there was a solution? With the InEight work planning solution, contractors and owners can reduce cost by simplifying work planning across the project life cycle and increased productivity with greater collaboration between the office and the field in order to deliver more predictable project outcomes. Plus, when combined with the Nate’s field execution solution, contractors are able to integrate project planning with real time productivity analysis. Making the most complex project updates seems simple.

Our solution allows you simplify field planning and collaboration by streamlining the work packaging process, facilitate the planning and mitigation of safety, quality and environmental risks to ensure a safe work environment, equipped crews with constraint free packages of work fully loaded with the details they need to need to succeed, gain full control of the capture of work progress offering more certainty in your percent complete. Deliver true project status updates by allowing crews to progress work in steps that are relevant to them. If you’d like to learn more about this and other InEight solutions, contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free demo.

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