When creating a plan for a construction project, being able to view the potential project risks before they occur is critical to every project stakeholder. However, with many current on the market today, the ability to accurately identify risks and make changes based on them is very cumbersome. With InEight’s risk management solution, we can help you take the project forward with a crystal clear view of risk. One of the first ways we help you do this is through the capturing of feedback on your plan from experts in the field through a simple markup process.

This leads to less risk and a consensus in the plan by using feedback from those that know best about the project. In addition to team feedback, you can rely on the solutions powerful AI assistance, which allows you to define the risk profile based how your organization previously executed projects. With InEight’s risk management solution, we can help you identify and quantify risks and opportunities determine contingency, and allow you to adjust the plan as work progresses. This helps protect against margin erosion and deliver affect confidence every step of the way.

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