Sydney Water Uses InEight’s Integrated Software Platform
to Maximize Efficiency and Collaboration

Sydney Water is Australia’s largest water utility, providing water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to Greater Sydney. Through its Partnering for Success (P4S) program, Sydney Water will make a $4 billion investment in infrastructure over the next decade and will deliver the work via three regional delivery consortia (RDCs). The new approach required an integrated IT solution that would help minimize risks, improve operational efficiency and control project costs to support a radical change in project delivery



To meet the needs of its soon-to-be 6.3 million customers as well as its three regional delivery consortia (RDCs), the company will invest at least $4 billion over the next 10 years and collaborate with its RDCs through its own innovative project delivery model, Partnering for Success (P4S). Under the new model, Sydney Water is partnering with the RDCs to deliver end-to-end design, construction, maintenance and facilities management services. This region-based model will help deliver further efficiencies, improve network resilience and deliver services to meet the needs of Sydney Water’s customers for many generations to come. However, Sydney Water lacked an integrated project controls system that aligned with the P4S delivery model. Such a system would help the company reduce costs, drive transparency and foster more collaboration between multiple organizations utilizing a variety of project management systems.



Sydney Water chose InEight’s connected solutions so that all stakeholders can track and manage projects within one integrated platform. The company will now be able to capture all project cost and scheduling data while providing real-time reporting to keep projects on track. Whether it’s in the planning, design, construction, maintenance or operations phase, Sydney Water will now have the project transparency it requires for successful outcomes. Leaders are now able to get clarity from a single source of truth so they can make better and timely decisions. InEight’s fully integrated project controls platform also provides a collaborative environment the RDCs can also use, since each came to the project with unique working methodologies and systems.


“Everything for us is fundamentally built upon a schedule. So, getting something that could tie in with the schedule, fill data, and talk to our business systems as well as our partners’ business systems was a crucial element for us. This is why we chose InEight.”
– Mark Simister, Head of Program Delivery, Sydney Water



Sydney Water and the RDCs are now able to work in a shared environment that allows for more comprehensive data sharing using a consistent data format. In addition, the data is reported within a common framework understood by all stakeholders in the project.


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