Spend Less Time on Logistics with
Intuitive Construction Timesheet Software

Tracking time should be simple — even for complex projects. With InEight® Progress, workers can log in and out from their mobile devices. Supervisors can review timesheets at a glance and send data to the accounting department. Built for large-scale capital projects, our software allows you to track employee work hours based on time, task and equipment used.

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Access Construction Timesheets from Mobile Devices


Enjoy total visibility from the field and office with access to data from any device. Log work hours for employees and equipment directly from tablets and smartphones. Simple, accurate construction timesheet reporting allows you to allocate time to a single project or split it up between multiple projects.

Construction Timesheet

Reduce Human Error


Eliminate duplicate entries, hard-to-read handwriting and inefficient systems that accompany most paper and spreadsheet systems. Robust construction timesheet tracking software allows you to manage hundreds of contractors, subcontractors, employees and equipment — all from the same platform. Workers can update their time cards in real time and supervisors can catch errors as soon as they occur, eliminating costly paycheck mistakes.

Construction Timesheet

Analyze Actual Costs


View true labor costs in real time with timesheets broken down by location, crew, shift, task and equipment. Analyze your company’s productivity with instant, detailed reports. Compare your actual costs against estimates and pinpoint inefficiencies. Our construction timesheet software integrates with daily planning and reporting software, so you can compile your construction timesheet data and evaluate cost overrun trends over time.

Construction Timesheet

Create Better Schedules


Gain a bird’s-eye view of productivity by teams in real time. Review construction timesheets from web or mobile devices, and see at a glance when your schedule has too many workers allocated to a project. Log time-off requests and plan ahead to keep the project moving toward completion. Manage entire crews and schedule equipment to be in the right place at the right time.

Create better schedules

Keep a Detailed Audit History


Protect your company with a detailed log of individual timesheets, quantities and payroll records. Rest assured of the accuracy of your records in case of audits, and search through the library of data for simple, immediate access to information.

Audit History

Integrate with Other Systems


Our construction timesheet software is a dynamic tool that allows you to see your productivity before the day even begins. Seamless integrations send data straight to your ERP, accounting and estimating software. Capture the cost history within each job and use that information to put together meaningful reports, estimates and trend analyses.

Software Integrations

See Productivity in Real Time for
Complex Construction Projects

InEight’s construction timesheet software goes beyond capturing man hours. Integrations with control and estimating software generate automated forecasts, so you spend less time on mechanics and more time analyzing results. Gain insight into your productivity with automatic quantity, time and equipment tracking. Compare your real-time work to your daily plans and identify unproductive or out-of-scope areas. With our comprehensive time-tracking software, you can identify problem areas much quicker and fix them before they turn into cost or schedule overruns.

Ease of Use

Tracking time takes time, and our software lessens the burden with a user-friendly platform that works on web or mobile devices. Reduce the time required for payroll processing by up to 90% with an intuitive, centralized system.


Robust timesheet tracking software gives managers more insight into actual productivity. Plan the day’s work ahead of time, note issues and compare.


Sync time cards to other systems, including financial, forecasting, planning and reporting. Spend less time on redundant communications with seamless integrations that do the work for you.

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See how InEight’s timesheet tracking software equips today’s construction professionals with the tools and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction timesheet software can simplify your workflow while improving the accuracy of your project management.

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