Cut Planning Time by 25% with InEight’s Construction Planning Software

Work toward reliable project outcomes with streamlined daily plans. InEight’s construction planning software allows you to schedule and execute work packages with ease. Break a project into manageable goals and measure your progress in real time. View, customize and analyze reports that are automatically generated based on your construction workforce planning data.

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Know Your Actual Productivity


Create sophisticated, proactive plans with details such as components, crew members and number of hours — so foremen and crews know exactly what work to execute. Compare plans against actual quantities completed and note issues directly in the module. Our intuitive dashboard will synthesize and report this data for you. Avoid surprises by knowing your actual productivity at all times.

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Mitigate Risks with Historical Data


Gain better visibility into your risks based on historical data from past daily plans. Reduce your risk exposure by adjusting the schedule, budget or expectations for future plans. Build risks into your estimates to protect your profitability and reputation.

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Create Informed Schedules Based on Benchmarks


Incorporate data from past work to put together a reliable and realistic plan. By using historical benchmarking, InEight’s work planning software allows you to produce schedules built on past performance. Refer to actual data to create more accurate expectations for your daily plans.

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Execute High-Profile Projects with Ease


Reduce downtime with aligned schedule and execution plans. Coordinate dozens of teams, equipment and materials with sophisticated planning software and dashboards that allow you to make detailed plans without getting lost in the weeds. Stay competitive when bidding on complex projects, thanks to software that has the scale to handle overlapping schedules, thousands of resources and future growth.

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Integrate Seamlessly Across Teams


Our daily planning software integrates with your construction reports, estimating, documents and financial software, maximizing your data while streamlining your workflow. Enter data points once, then distribute and reuse it across your organization. Use data from daily plans to create more accurate estimates, reports and schedules.

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Streamline Plans with Best-in-Class Work Packaging


Generate your daily plan from an automated work package, with detailed information such as safety and quality requirements, drawings, productivity goals, sequential work steps and operational constraints. Once created, foremen and superintendents can view the plan on their iPad, communicate from the app, view daily productivity goals and receive instant feedback from the office.

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Manage Daily Plans from a
Central Construction Planning Platform

Create a comprehensive, detailed daily plan to guide work in the field. Access the plan from anywhere — field, office, web or mobile devices — for more streamlined communication between superintendents, field engineers, project managers and employees.

Once the work is completed, the data from daily plans integrates with our suite of construction products, allowing you to view and analyze your productivity on a project. Export your daily plans into pre-built or customized reports, and use that information to improve your estimates, issue management, safety and compliance, scheduling and more.

Streamlined Daily Work Plans

Eliminate repetitive data entry and paperwork by planning, executing and approving from a single platform. Add notes and pictures throughout the day to log quantities, issues and actual hours worked.

Better Communication

Define the scope of work for each day with details such as budget, quantity, safety and quality. Ensure that equipment and resources are available when needed, and communicate with ease between the field and office.

Improved Compliance

See discrepancies between the plan and actual work completed in real time — not days or weeks later. Resolve safety issues faster by adding issues to the daily planning module and alerting relevant personnel as soon as they occur.

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See how InEight’s construction planning software equips today’s professionals with the scope and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction planning and execution solutions can streamline your workflow while increasing the quality of your projects.

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