Track Your Progress and Productivity with Detailed Construction Daily Report Software

Track the execution of your plans in real time with our construction daily report software. InEight’s daily reports enable you to add data in real-time as work is completed. Log complex information including quantities, photos and issues all on a simple mobile app, then distribute the reports to key stakeholders with a click of a button.

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Daily Plan Review


See everything that was completed on the job site and compare it against your plan with our daily plan review. This automatically generated report uses data from InEight Plan and InEight Progress to create a holistic picture of each day in the field. Stop wasting time with back-and-forth emails and phone calls — simply review a single, professional PDF for the day’s quantities, compliance issues and weather on the job site.

Accessible Documentation


Don’t save your field reports for the end of the day. Instead, document tasks as they are finished. Complete safety and compliance checklists, and add photos and notes straight to the report. Easily back up, access and search all the data from daily reports, thanks to a seamless integration with InEight Document.

Mobile Application


Our easy-to-use mobile application means that your teams can start using the daily report software right away — no training required. Complete the report as work is completed instead of relying on your memory at the end of the day. Distribute reports to key stakeholders and communicate through the mobile app for more natural and consistent communication between the field and office.

Automatic Reports


At the end of every day, our construction daily log software automatically generates a professional, comprehensive report, based on actual work completed. Enjoy greater visibility into the progress and productivity in the field. Spot safety and compliance issues as they happen, and provide daily, immediate feedback to project teams.

Quantity Tracking


Record partial progress of installed quantities, thanks to claiming schemes that break down the installation into milestones. Each step or milestone is assigned a percentage, so you can see at a glance how much has been completed. Break down quantities into discrete tasks to be claimed daily, or roll them up into the total quantity of the cost item.

Highly Customizable


Track your daily progress more efficiently with custom reports that suit your company’s needs. During implementation, we’ll guide you to choose the level of detail for cost items, quantity components and claiming schemes that make sense for your projects.

See the Whole Picture with a Detailed Construction Daily Report

Enable foremen and superintendents to log details throughout the day, straight from the job site. Include a large amount of detail on each daily report, thanks to standardized questions that prompt you to include details on equipment, materials, deliveries, subcontractors, weather and more. Work from your tablet or smartphone to input data from the field in real time instead of relying on your memory — so when the day is over, you’re done.


Our daily reporting software shortens the gap between the office and the field. Planners get an inside look at what’s happening on the job site, while team members, managers and key stakeholders gain greater insight into daily progress.


Add photos, quantities and issues to your daily report and distribute them instantly across teams. Take immediate steps to correct quality or safety hazards, and resolve them before they threaten the safety of your workers.


Every day, our software assembles your data into an easy-to-read report, complete with visuals and at-a-glance insights. Set up automatic distribution for streamlined communication and an efficient workflow.

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See how InEight’s daily field report software equips today’s construction professionals with the tools, features and automation to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction daily reports can streamline your workflow while increasing your compliance and safety in the field.

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