Increase Clash Resolution Efficiency by More Than 200% with InEight Model

InEight Model is packed with features that enable you to manage data across the lifecycle of your project. Eliminate redundancies by working from a single model. Empower teams to add data, reports and documents directly to the model, closing the gap between the field and office. Work with confidence knowing that you can access the most up-to-date information from anywhere.

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Clash Detection


Increase the quality of your projects by catching potential problems before they turn into actual issues. Run clash detection during the design phase to identify and resolve issues before you get to the field. Run adjustments through a 3D virtual model to see the effect on project costs, schedules and structures. Lower the number of schedule delays, budget overruns, change orders and rework with enhanced clash detection software.

Model Aggregation


Drive more successful project outcomes by federating models together across disciplines. Collect, reference and work from aggregated data in a single location. Share data and documents between teams in real time and make information accessible to all relevant project participants. Allow multiple users in different locations to collaborate on a single project model, and see a complete history of model changes.

Model Integration


Collaborate between disciplines with integrations to estimating, documents, completions, visual reports, advanced work packaging, clash detection, issue tracking and more. Upload information to a single model and allow teams to access and work from the same platform. Don’t rely on tedious importing and exporting of data. Instead, streamline the process from beginning to end by passing data smoothly between systems.

Digital Twin


Work from a digital twin to optimize your project for success. Connect documents to objects or assets and visualize the document within the model. Work from real-time data to respond faster to issues and improve safety and quality. After the project, turn over a complete package of information to the owner. Owners can import data from their facility management system for better insight into ongoing maintenance.

Facilities Management


Complex capital projects come with heaps of information and data. But that doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm owners with endless papers and data points from scattered, disparate systems. Instead, turn over a single digital model. A searchable database makes it easy to find information. Facility managers can immediately start working from organized documents, inspection guides and warranties.

Save Time and Money By Working from a
Single Source of Truth

Model integration is quickly becoming a necessity in construction. Give your business a competitive edge in the industry by capturing all the data on a project — from pre-build planning to construction to post-build maintenance.

Visualize your project during pre-construction and catch potential issues, cost overruns and scheduling conflicts before they occur. Get your mistakes out of the way by making them within the model — then bring perfection to the jobsite. Achieve successful project outcomes with technology that allows you to catch problems, prioritize quality and win more business.


Coordinate models across disciplines into a single project model. Manage clash detection, issue tracking, documents, takeoff, advanced work packaging, work face planning, completions and visual reports all from the same software.


Team members can access InEight Model from any location around the world. Eliminate communication delays and rely on the latest version of the project at all times.


View and resolve issues to avoid costly schedule delays. Catch clashes in the model before even stepping foot on the jobsite.

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See how InEight’s model integration software equips today’s construction professionals with the tools and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction model and BIM solutions can streamline your workflow while increasing the quality of your projects.

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