Resolve Contract Issues Before They Happen with Construction Issue Management Software

Our issue management software gives you the power to solve problems before they affect your schedule and budget. Assign issues to relevant parties and track their progress. Add multiple issues to the same incident. Assign priority to individual issues. Group issues to view rolled-up costs and see in real time how potential issues may impact your schedule and budget.

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Contract Issue Management


Stay on top of potential issues, change orders and vendor change orders with our comprehensive contract issue management. Draft potential change orders within the software and track them all the way to cost management. With integrations to our entire suite of tools, you can see the impact to your schedule and budget right away and avoid costly surprises.

Issue Management

Construction Invoices


Create payment forms, issue invoices and track payment progress from one central location. Communicate with accounts payable and sync forms with your ERP system, thanks to seamless integrations. Create accruals and receipts to track the cost for goods or services. Break down each invoice by work period and line items and ensure that invoices are paid on schedule.

Issue Management

Construction Bid Packages


Put together more accurate estimates by anticipating potential issues in a project. Pull from a library of historical data to inform your cost estimating and scheduling. Our integrated construction platform connects procurement activities to related issues and change orders — making it easier to anticipate quality issues, mitigate risk and win future business.

Issue Management

Contract Back Charges


Handle back charges more efficiently with software that is designed to handle documentation and issue progress. Associate back charges to specific issues and track them from creation to completion. Add supporting documents, such as emails, invoices and pictures, directly to the issue. When necessary, you can even split back charges, assign them to different vendors and track the charges separately through the system.

Issue Management

Help with Project Turnover


Enjoy a smoother transition into project turnover by identifying and resolving issues prior to project closeout. Standardized closeout procedures make turnover a breeze. Work through a customizable set of questions to initiate project closeout. Assign responsible parties to close out their sections of the project, with notifications and checklists for ease of use.

Issue Management

Manage Document Workflows


Capture information with consistency and ease. Upload documents directly to individual issues and vendor change orders. Our software integrates with InEight Document for a library of documentation that is searchable and accessible from anywhere. Stay up to date by sharing data between teams in real time.

Issue Management

Integrate Your Issue Management with
Your Financial Systems

InEight’s contract issue management is one of the only solutions on the market that allows your issue management process to integrate seamlessly with your financial systems. Built for complex construction projects, our software provides a complete platform to manage the data and workflows associated with your project. Get ahead of rework and change orders with instant communication, automated workflows and transparent reporting.


Achieve total visibility into your issues with real-time communication between the field and office. Take advantage of detailed reporting capabilities and automated workflows to track the evolution and resolution of all issue types.


Save time by managing financials, quality processes, validations, compliance and more in a single platform. Avoid the double entry, errors and inefficiency that comes from toggling between separate systems.


Enjoy more efficiency with a user-friendly platform that allows collaboration between teams. Assign issues to relevant parties, keep clients updated and manage your workflow from the field or the office.

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InEight Contract

See how InEight’s contract issue management software equips today’s construction professionals with the tools and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our construction issue management solutions can streamline your workflow while increasing the quality of your projects.

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