Improve Field Safety and Quality with InEight’s Compliance Software

When it comes to capital construction projects, your company’s reputation means everything. That’s why we’ve created dynamic compliance software to support your quality assurance processes. Choose from an extensive library of compliance forms to capture all the data you need for successful project turnover and customize the level of security on each form to protect sensitive data.

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Design Custom Forms


Build your forms specifically for each new project, incorporating the materials, hazards, end use and compliance requirements that are unique to that project. Intuitive form and task builders allow you to build your forms to a level of complexity that makes sense for your business. Choose from multiple question types to create the form that works for your project, then adjust permissions and workflow to set the form in motion.

Build off Standard Forms


Bring consistency to your inspection test plan with a library of standardized safety forms for equipment, templatized buildings, building systems and more. Incorporate the unique regulations of each project without wasting time by creating new templates based on our standard forms.

Work From Anywhere


Our mobile application allows you to view and complete compliance reports from the field in real time — no more relying on memory at the end of the day. Complete and submit questionnaires, inspections, forms, and tasks directly from the InEight Compliance mobile application. Complete forms offline and then sync the results once you are connected to a network.

Keep Data Secure


Our custom security features will give you the peace of mind to distribute safety reports company-wide. Give personnel access only to relevant reports. You can even restrict access to specific questions or answers on a form, allowing you the flexibility to distribute reports while limiting sensitive information.

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Coordinate From a Central Platform


Manage inspection test reports (ITR), inspection test plans (ITP), incident reports and safety reports on a central platform. Assign forms to the relevant parties with permissions-based access. See your weekly to-do list at a glance with scheduled, assigned and pending tasks. Schedule forms to be completed on specific dates by specific parties, and then track the completion from your landing page.

Stay on Task with a Weekly To-Do List


Organize all your events and tasks to be accomplished in one place with a digital checklist for each day, week and month. Tasks that are overdue automatically turn to red, so you can prioritize at a glance. Assign to-do items by task and importance and set reminders to prompt you throughout the day. Customize the weekly to-do list to fit the safety requirements for each project and team member.

Prioritize Quality with InEight’s
Compliance Software

Bring consistency across your construction inspection processes with flexible compliance software. Pull from universal templates or create your own forms to collect data in real time from a project. Complete safety checks during the work day with mobile and offline functionality.

Minimize risks by using detailed inspection templates to cover every aspect of the build, from materials to equipment to worksite incidents to weather conditions. Field workers can complete safety reports from their smartphones or tablets, allowing the back office to have greater visibility into worksite hazards and issues.

Dynamic Customization

Each project has different safety and compliance regulations. That’s why our compliance software has the most robust customization options on the market. Start with pre-made templates and modify to fit the requirements for each new build.

Smooth Project Handoff

Track safety and compliance data during your project to minimize the number of post-build repairs. Hand over a complete package of safety reports at the end of the project to ensure the integrity of your company.

In-Depth Documentation

Store your compliance reports in a central database for secure and easy access. Field supervisors can complete checklists, file reports and upload issues on their tablets or mobile devices, reducing the number of manual handoffs.

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See how InEight’s compliance software equips today’s construction professionals with the tools and features to manage capital projects. Learn how our reporting and compliance solutions can streamline your workflow while increasing the quality of your projects.

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