Collaborate easier with subcontractors in real time.

Leverage more accurate time sheets that include subcontractor time, quantities, notes and issues.

Now, you can get more standardized tracking of subcontractors and get all project work tracked inside the system. Gain more detailed information on installed quantities and actual percent complete without having to use a side spreadsheet or third-party self-perform project controls software. You’ll also find it easier to get validations and eliminate duplicate entry errors.

Assign a work breakdown structure (WBS) to a subcontractor allowing them to track their own daily plans.

With this enhancement, the vendor is now only able to see and charge time to their assigned scope, using only resources assigned to their vendor number. By assigning a vendor to one or multiple work breakdown structures, they’re now only able to see what is intended and not any sensitive data.

Produce all-encompassing daily reports to fulfill management and owner requirements.

Our solution gives the vendor the ability to generate daily reports that have actual validations. This takes away the possibility of improperly entering codes when they are assigned to a work breakdown structure and linked to their resources and contractual quantities.


InEight Progress

  • Track vendor hours, headcount and quantities claimed
  • Attribute notes and issues to a vendor
  • Generate Daily Reports that include self-perform and vendor summary

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