Subcontractor Management

Get full visibility into subcontractor costs.

Produce accurate and timely cost vs. budget metrics based on the latest subcontractor and vendor activity.

Now you can view and track actual costs in InEight Control based on accruals, goods receipts or invoices recorded in InEight Contract. Data you enter to manage the contract itself also flows to your project cost control system.

See a subcontract’s earned value based on the latest percent complete status,
with no double entry and risk of error.

Feeling like you have too many hoops to jump through when it comes to managing contracts for subcontractor and supplier scopes? Now, as you record progress against the schedule of values listed in a contract, InEight automatically turns those into percent complete values for your overall project cost reporting.

Forecast subcontractor and vendor costs with the same level of detail as your self-perform work.

Because InEight Control is connected to InEight Contract, you can choose the forecast method in your cost control system that’s most appropriate to the status of the contract.


InEight Control

  • View subcontractor percent complete and detailed actual cost by contract directly in InEight Control
  • Forecast subcontractor costs based on real-time changes in InEight Contract

InEight Contract

  • Create detailed Schedules of Values to break down line items into detailed quantities to track subcontractor progress
  • Generate accruals, goods receipts, and payment forms based on claimed quantities

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