Address delivery complexity and labor challenges through advanced scheduling.

Accelerate schedule creation by leveraging project data with our knowledge library of key planning artifacts such as risk events, productivity rates and schedule as-built data

Leverage historical performance to estimate new work and improve the degree of confidence in schedule structure and durations. Capture existing plans into the knowledge library so history, standards and benchmarks are housed in a single location.

Support your planners with an AI engine that allows for self-assessment against performance on past projects to deliver the most realistic plans

Save time by having the ability to start a schedule based on past performance with normalized data points. Our AI-powered software goes beyond assembling project plans, it can also detect areas of potential threats anomalies or opportunities in project plans and recommends alternatives.

Lean on machine learning that tailors planning suggestions based on your past interactions

Our solution helps you leverage past projects and standards as the basis of project schedules. Machine learning helps drive plan accuracy by making suggestions on durations and sequence of work based on historical benchmarks.

Enhanced functionality included:

InEight Schedule

  • Inference Engine Smart Suggestions
  • Embedded Risk Assessment Technology
  • Knowledge Library Repository

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