Accelerate your risk assessment process while mapping risks directly to your schedule.

Unify risk and
scheduling practices with risk identification and mapping embedded directly into your plan.

InEight Schedule now enables users to identify and assign risks during the planning process and maps a risk to the schedule, all while populating the risk register. Updates made in the risk register now flow through the entire application, delivering real-time accuracy of the risk status.

Leverage better insights by getting feedback and commentary on the plan.

Now you can digitally invite team members and experts into their own copy of the plan so they can provide their input on uncertainty and risk identification — all before the risk workshop begins.

Drive quantitative assessments from a consensus pool and eliminate traditional
three-point estimates.

Users can now reflect their confidence in a plan with an intuitive scorecard. No longer must they ask for a three-point estimate for each line item in the schedule.

Enhanced functionality included:

InEight Schedule

  • Embedded risks within the schedule
  • Human validation and vetting
  • Consensus-driven distributions

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