Project Turnover

Reduce operational cost and risk with a streamlined turnover and digital twin.

Collect and update information throughout the project life cycle with a common data environment

Now, you can be sure you’re gathering critical project and asset information from the right source at the right time. Collect data via checkpoints and embedded validation to ensure data is consistent and meets requirements.

Improve team coordination and decision-making in real time with direct access to data in the model

Leverage a common data environment to share all project data in real time. Use quick links to contextual 3D views via Master Presets allowing all stakeholders to gain insights from the collaborative project environment.

Manage quality and commissioning activities in the system, creating workflows from construction into operations

Drive standards across every project team with a sophisticated workflow engine that creates an inventory of checklists for every phase of the project. Track project progress with a digital thread that can be carried through operations to provide a data-rich source of information for the out years spent operating the facility.

Streamline project turnover and provide owners with a valuable resource they can utilize for the lifetime of the asset

Ensure operations teams are looking at the latest asset data and documents with a consolidated asset information management system. Use a single environment to manage turnover to ensure deliverables meet owner requirements and have them validated before closeout is complete.

Enhanced functionality included:

InEight Model

  • InEight Model integrated with Completions
  • InEight Model integrated with InEight Plan
  • InEight Model supports any number of custom tables connected directly to assets

InEight Completions

  • Custom tables connected directly to project assets and configured specifically for classes of equipment or systems
  • Checklist placeholders can automatically be created so you can build your inventory even before you have all required checklist data
  • New Preservations solution provides scheduled care and preservation activities customized for the classes of systems and equipment on your project

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