Platform Enhancements

Get the most out of the tools you use every day through our integrated platform that includes a broad ecosystem of integration partners.

Gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain and leverage up-to-date
vendor insights during the estimating process with
Felix vendor management software

Make better procurement decisions with shared knowledge at your fingertips. Now, you can consolidate insights across divisions to form one central view of your supplier relationships. Using InEight Document, you can also link the thousands of documents transmitted throughout the procurement phase to Felix ensuring they remain synchronized and controlled.

Bring all of your data, whether it lives on your desktop or in Excel, into a shareable library

Save your teams’ time by leveraging pre-built templates that can bring in key data like lists of employees, equipment and projects. Easily bring data into the InEight platform without having to use an ERP.

Connect directly to
real-time data using your existing tech stack to provide metrics and KPIs

Get a secure SQL database connection that gives you the ability to write queries, extract data and support reporting. With the Replicate integration, you can leverage a real-time copy of project data that sources InEight dashboards and standard reports.

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