Mobile Apps

Help your teams manage the work where it’s happening.

Speed up field data collection workflows while eliminating data quality issues and revisions.

Now, you can log information into a single point of entry and allow automated integrations to disperse the data to interested parties. Our mobile apps help you consolidate three distinct project controls tracking functions into a single form — with time, quantities and daily logs located in a single place. In addition, you can review project data and metrics in a single dashboard, regardless of where or how the project team captured it.

Gain immediate access to real-time information whether in the office, in the field or on the go.

Mobile Apps from InEight allow you to react quickly to problems identified in the field as well as access and share information in even the most remote environments. In addition, foremen and superintendents will gain access to valuable productivity metrics as they capture results through the day. You’ll no longer need to leave the operation to search for information back at the trailer.

Be an active part of
the project at
any time and from anywhere.

Our mobile functionality ensures you’re notified as things happen — and in a way that allows for interaction, collaboration and clear decision-making. Use your mobile device, no matter where you are, to easily check in on the health of projects. Immediately log issues, changes or requests for information without leaving the operation and eliminate the need to remember valuable information while you move from location to location.


InEight Explore

  • Get instant answers right from your mobile device by tapping into up-to-the-minute dashboards
  • Easily stay on top of cost and schedule performance, field productivity, quality and safety inspection status, and much more

InEight ­­­­Progress

  • Eliminate paperwork and receive real-time productivity feedback as you collect time and quantities in the field
  • Seamlessly transfer daily segments of a work package to crews at the time of execution

InEight Completions

  • Create commissioning plans to track quality inspects, punch lists and closeouts
  • Give stakeholders a higher degree of visibility to ensure every asset constructed is fully operational for turnover

InEight Compliance

  • Capture and submit safety inspections and incidents where and when events happen for accurate, real-time information
  • Keep your projects in compliance — even with constantly changing administrative requirements

InEight Document

  • Avoid rework by ensuring items are built from the latest documents
  • Increase collaboration among project teams with accessible documentation available in the field or on the go

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