Take forecasting accuracy to a whole new level so you can react quickly to productivity challenges.

Use a diverse set of forecasting methods to overcome even the most unique challenges.

Now you can leverage an array of out-of-the-box forecasting methods such as current estimate, current budget and average performance with new date-range enhancements. Utilize real-time updates for cost, quantities and man-hours. Track who made changes and how those changes affected the forecast. Plus, you gain the ability to manually adjust estimate at completion (EAC) or estimate to complete (ETC) productivity factors and require notes for any manual adjustments.

Gain enhanced capabilities to create custom forecast methods for the organization or specific projects.

Enjoy having the flexibility to choose from 99 variables to create the most accurate forecasts based on the organization’s or project’s needs. Use pending change order values to ensure all scope is accounted for in the project’s forecast. You can also incorporate custom forecast variables to add even more flexibility in driving accurate forecasts.

Establish accurate monthly projections with time-phased forecasting.

Now, you can manually or systematically spread ETC cost, man-hours and quantities by monthly fiscal periods. Use in-app cost curves that show budgeted, actual and forecasted values. You also gain the ability to have the monthly ETC forecast drive the live forecast.

Manage, analyze and compare multiple forecast versions in the app.

This enhancement allows you to perform what-if analysis in a personal forecast before submitting changes to the live project forecast. Create a shared forecast in which the project team can collaborate on optimistic vs. pessimistic scenarios. You can also compare two forecasts to see deltas between cost, man-hours, unit rates and productivity factors.


InEight Control

  • Capture additional details with forecast notes (current forecast final cost, forecast final man-hours, forecast T/O quantity, and forecast method), as well as a redesigned forecast note slide out and a new CBS column that displays the latest forecast note
  • Forecast subcontract work based on actual cost and progress claimed in InEight Contract

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