Field Productivity

Maximize productivity in the field to make sure projects are profitable for
self-perform work and subcontractors.

Get everyone focused on what matters most by publishing daily digital plans to self-perform crews and subcontractors.

Easily communicate the work to crews using daily digital plans that include the necessary information to execute, i.e., scope and quantities, safety and quality requirements, related documents and drawings, productivity goals and more. The beauty is you can do this with both self-perform field crews and subcontractors.

Increase productivity through more efficient collaboration between the office and the field.

With this enhancement, you’ll boost productivity because the field can use built work packages to perform the work to meet planned metrics. Foremen and supervisors can use mobile apps to begin capturing the day’s results and then there’s only a few entries needed at the end of the shift to tidy up the report. Lastly, you can use customizable sign-out and timesheet approval processes that integrate with the most popular payroll systems.

Gain more accurate work progress with simplified
daily reporting.

You can now track progress against a work breakdown structure (WBS) to track installation of several components that are part of that particular scope. Remove the guesswork out of percent-complete reporting by employing rules of credit. Plus, you can use a standardized and consistent approach to how you capture completed work.


InEight Plan

  • Gain the ability to create work packages with information related to WBS, quantities, unit rates, etc., and make this information available to the field via a mobile device to perform work
  • Execute and communicate changes effectively across platforms without increasing duplicate data entry.

InEight ­­­­Progress

  • Use mobile devices under extreme conditions without service to perform work and send information back to the office for review
  • Because information is already organized for the crews in the field on the mobile device, they spend less time performing administrative tasks

InEight ­­­­Control

  • Make actual cost information available on a weekly basis based on the performance of the field
  • Leverage an integrated platform that seamlessly connects the work performed in the field to the tasks being tracked in the office

InEight Report & InEight Explore

  • Gain the ability to look at data from multiple solutions to proactively monitor risks and mitigate them before they happen.

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